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[A question posed to the castle inhabitants at large.]

Where do you usually go around here to do your best thinking and soul-searching?

...not that I have any to do, of course.
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Hm. What is today's emotionally debilitating, psychosomatic balderdash?
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I know better to take that as though it is.
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Very well, then. I suppose you don't want any suggestions from me, either.
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And you've ruled out your own room as an option?
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I could once again suggest your room in that you could request that the castle temporarily transforms it into that sanctuary of solitude that you seek devoid of the distractions and the need to venture out of your way.
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...Other than go to the library?
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...If I told you, I fear you'd come bother me when I wish to be alone.
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Do I have a guarantee?
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There are a few places that I go when I wish to be alone...I will write them down.
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[Written; Filtered to Phoenix Wright.]

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* The top stairwell of the IRA tower. There aren't many inhabitants there, so it tends to be rather quiet for the most part. I sit there and do some uninterrupted research from time to time.

* The Industrial District. Not particularly beautiful, though.

* There's a particular teahouse that is tucked away in a corner of the Main Street in the City Royale. Because of it's obscure location, not many people tend to frequent there, but that is not to say that the tea isn't good. I particularly enjoy the crêpes. It's called, 'Espresso Yourself'. A title rather fitting for a predicament such as yours, I'd say.

Other than that, I usually find that taking solitary walks are quite effective in clearing my mind.

----> ["List of Secluded Places" added to Court Record.]
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[Dictated; Filtered to PW]

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The teahouse is a public place. It is not as though I own it. As for taking walks, thinking about where you are going decreases its effectiveness. Just walk.
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Providing that it is the teahouse, I wouldn't mind.

...And whatever happened to your 'spontaneity'?

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