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Case #04 - Playing with their sticks and balls.

 [Today's a relatively warmer day than usual, and there's one defense attorney outside on the grounds, teaching his prosecutor friend how to have a little outdoor fun... One accidentally kicks the journal open:]


...These balls are rather filthy...

Did you seriously expect me to wash my balls before playing with them? They're only going to get dirty again.

This wood could certainly stand to be a bit harder... [squeezes it]

Hey, this is quality wood!  It's good and thick.. Anyway, make sure you get a nice, firm grip on the base...

...Just listen to you, talking to me as though I have no experience. I have done this at least once before, I assure you.

Then you know how it works, right?  If you're fast enough, you'll get to fourth base. That's when you score, Big Time

[Pauses] ...Does this come in a shorter size? I might hurt you with it.

[Laughs] I don't mind a little pain! It's more fun if someone gets hurt, don't you think?

Do we not require some sort of protection for this?

We're just fooling around a little.  I think we'll be okay.

...How is this supposed to get me to 'loosen up,' exactly?



[...Yep. Just as you thought... Baseball. Care to come and play? Or just be a voyeur. Whatever. Open.]

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[And thus, the fifteen-year-old Shiki Misaki obtained a blush that would tint her cheeks red for the rest of her life.]

Hey listen I'm not biased or homophobic or anything but if you're actually going to do that can you please shut the journal I mean there are kids here who probably shouldn't hear that...

And you probably should use a condom...

And where are you guys and can I watch?
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[Somewhat considering never leaving his room again]
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[Forget her cheeks, or even her face... Shiki feels like her entire body is turning red from this.]

Well, I-I mean, you're the only... with your journal open... I didn't even know you two were...!!
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W-Well, uh, aren't you... I mean... well, I guess neither of you could get pregnant, but, I mean, what about, you know, STDs or something? N-Not that I'm i-implying that either of you are, like, that kind of person or anything! B-But sometimes they don't really, you know, show symptoms at first and y-you need to be, uh, careful and stuff...?

Uh, well, though, it is your relationship, and I shouldn't be, um, interfering or anything, a-and... um... I'm sorry...?

[Look, Ma, Shiki can stick BOTH of her feet in her mouth at the same time!]
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[Normally, she'd say no. This isn't exactly the kind of thing she wants to watch!

...But he asked her to go to the
castle grounds, and that is a more public place. Also, he called her "my dear". She's a total sucker for anything even resembling that kind of chivalry.]

Well, um, a-alright, if you insist... I'll be there in just a few minutes.
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[Shiki heads over, and sees the whole baseball setup. At first, she doesn't get it, and her eyebrows come together as she thinks... and she goes over exactly what was said in her head.

As she slowly realizes that they were talking about baseball, her eyes widen, and her whole face begins to resemble the 8| emote. She finally recognizes just how badly she screwed that one up, and she is literally embarrassed beyond words.]
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[Her expression has barely shifted. She actually cannot believe that this is the real life. So her reply to Edgeworth is nearly robotic... still kind of weak and mortified, but closer to synthetic than emotional, because she just can't.]

N-No, I don't...
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Y-Yeah, I'm... I'm fine, I just... I... I'm so sorry I just assumed that about you! It was so... I can't believe I... I'm so sorry!!