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17th Elevator-Voice/action

[ So that was it... M was gone.

The one person that made him feel like he had a connection to back home. The one person who helped him battle his own personal demons was no longer here. He felt like shit and he felt like such a liar. It's digging into his head that she was one of his closest friends and yet he was never truely honest with her...about what he did for a living. But how could he? She helped take down terrorists in the name of keeping the world in balance...he ritually killed teenagers in the name of keeping the world in balance.

He couldn't have been honest with her. She'd have been so horrified at what he did. But he wanted to tell her...he really did.

He feels empty... so he's now falling back on some old habits. Namely alcohol.

He's been in the Deathmatch for a few hours now. Needless to say Dr Lin's small frame was not helping his usual alcohol tolerance .]

Red... redemption... that's aload of crap isn't..it?

You... you go through life telling yourself god has hasa plan for you. That you've done some shitty things in... in your life, in the name of the greater good but its ok....it's ok.

Cause you will be rewarded... [He burps.] for your faith. He will give you peace and love... and then take it all away because he's a massive fucking douchebag.

[ He's now yelling at the ceiling]

You hear me... I did everything you fucking asked for! Haven't I been punished enough already?

[ There then follows a thud...as Gary/Lin falls off his bar stool and is now staring up at the ceiling.]

Say you know what this place needs? mood lighting. It'll look great up there.
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[Well, she never really talked to Gary before ... but she knows what it means to lose people. Consistently...]

Do you need some help there?
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Re: Dictated

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You don't sound fine.

[Fine statement there.]

... Yes. I know about that. I also know that sometimes, you need someone to pour you into a warm bed and clear up your vomit.
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Re: Dictated

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Maybe ... but you seem to be in a pretty bad one right now.

[Her jaw tightened.]

You have someone to walk you home?
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Re: Dictated

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[Her tone is strangely more gentle than before]

Would you like some help, getting home?
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No. I'll be there soon.

[And she is, relatively soon. About ten minutes later Katniss is walking into the Death Match and looking for the one person passed out on the floor. There can't be that many, after all.]
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Re: Action

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[Katniss spotted Gary, or Gary-as-a-girl right away, and walked on over to him, er, her. She gently tapped Gary on the shoulder.]

All right, I'm here.
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Action forever

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[Maladict is guarding the door, as usual, and sighs at this sight, wandering over to pick 'her' up]

It could also use less people littering the floor.
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[There's a pause here, a touch of confusion, and Maladict's hand stays halfway from reaching over to pick up this... patron]

Do I know you?
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[Oh...well. Maladict takes a moment to get over her surprise, before grinning her sharp toothed grin, reaching all the way to help Gary up]

I have to say, breasts suit you, Gary.
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I'm sure you;ll learn to love them. Just in time for the castle to take them away again, no doubt.
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[She casts Gary a wan smile] Not for very long, at any rate.
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I come and guard the door form time to time. Oust the troublemakers. Olivia kept me well supplied in coffee for the task.
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Sounds like someone's having a good time.
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[Oh for the love of... Meg was a little in over her head. People were fucking depressed lately, and that meant she had been busy. Too busy, perhaps, to notice when somebody had had a bit too much. She could swear "Gary" had only had a few drinks there, but with the castle magic? Who the fuck knew? Either way, she finishes pouring someone a drink and quickly makes her way around the bar and stands over "him" with her arms crossed.]

This is how you thank me, huh? Getting sloppy? Come on.

[She waves a hand, bringing over a chair that might be a little easier to sit up in and reaches down to pick up the thankfully, temporarily tiny woman and hoists her into the seat.]

You, [She points, scolding] are switching to water.

[With that, she goes back behind the bar and pours a glass, shaking her head. Seriously? When did she become the booze police? People usually handled their shit better around here.]
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Re: Dictated

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You're damn right she wouldn't.

[Her annoyed muttering gives way to a slightly softer tone.]

Yeah, I'm sure being stuck inside this sweet little thing ain't doin' ya any favors either. Do yourself a favor and drink up so you don't feel quite so much like a pile of shit in the morning, kay?

[She swears to God, if you puke in her bar...]