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- 16 - Finishing a good book is like leaving a good friend.

[[Backdated to Halloween afternoon.]]

[ It's been rather quiet from this quarter as of late. That's not necessarily a bad thing. The Doctor has had to wait a little... Waiting he can do. He can bide his time and Time is his business after all. No, he doesn't mind waiting at all.

Endings though. Finalities. Goodbye's. Last pages. Postscripts and signatures. He doesn't like those and there's been so many of them. One after the other after another, oh, THAT doesn't end. People will come and go, and their paths cross briefly or a bit longer and then they're gone, it is a fact of life that he is well aware of. But here it feels so final, like the last stroke of a pen at the bottom of a page.

Is this what Paradisa will do to him one day as it has to others? Finding himself writing notes and postscripts in preparation for the day when the castle has had enough of him? Or did it do that once already?

He's in a spot that's becoming one of his favourite places, the landing that over looks the lobby. Hands flat on top of the stone wall, the Halloween decorations below are just that and feel tawdry, hollow, and mocking his mood. He finds a familiar anger bubbling up again. That won't do. Not now. Not when his journal only just repaired itself, because damn the castle if he didn't throw it hard enough to lose its cover and break the spine. Childish and petulant.

There are no endings. He will refuse them. There is always time and there are no endings, no goodbye's.

It's still a few minutes more before he addresses the journal, though. His tone doesn't carry his usual measure of brightness.

Good afternoon. I-.

It's the Doctor here, usually the one in the cricket jumper. Well, I'll get right to the point and save us all some time for today's festivities, shall I, for I'm more than aware I'm not the only one dressed in new clothes again.

[Filter: Code Blair]

Anyone that has heard of or been a part of Code Blair previously, I would appreciate your attention, please. Likewise, parties that are capable of assisting with a castle-wide evacuation should it be required. I find myself in possession of previous meeting notes and strategies; I would like to see these continued and expanded upon. Please consider this a call for your skills and interest in ensuring the safety of remaining castle residents.


[Filter: Tenth Doctor]

Do you have a moment?


I would appreciate it, I really would, if comments on my attire today could be kept to a minimum. Yes, I know it's likely a lot to ask, and yes, I do understand the humour of operating scrubs, a white lab coat and a stethoscope, thank you. [ Not to mention that rather snappy name tag of 'Doctor McLovely'. There's a pause before he continues. ]

In the meantime, if the children or anyone else interested has had enough of sweets already today, I have left a basket of apples in the lobby. Far much better for your health and you know what they say about apples.
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[personal profile] workaphilic 2013-11-02 06:42 pm (UTC)(link)
Are you recommending we stay away from you now?

[Apples. And since apparently he's just 'a doctor' now.]
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Overdue for a checkup, I suppose, but I was under the impression we weren't supposed to mention it.
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[His tone goes flat.]

It isn't.

[It's John-speak for there being something up with Sherlock, generally.]

My health is fine, the castle takes relative care in that.
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[He knows, but his mental situation isn't exactly something he chats about.

A beat.]

Choice of what?

[He needs reminding, sometimes.]

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Code Blair filter

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I can help however you need me to.
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Code Blair filter

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Exactly what I was thinking. I worked some with Katniss before the last...crisis. [She doesn't even know what to call the awful things that happen.] She provided some valuable insight as well.
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She lives in the woods, and she said we could evacuate some people there if we ever need to. She said that she would be able to protect a group at her cabin. She seems very levelheaded, and I think she'd be good in a crisis.
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I've been wondering if we shouldn't split the evacuation up by floors. The lower floors go to a designated area outside, and the higher floors go to the TARDIS.

We could see if we can secure some room as a safe room in case of a lockdown, as well.

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[Filter: Code Blair]

Happy to help if needed. I've always found running for the exit to be the best strategy in an evacuation but I suppose there are others to consider.


[Filtered: Fifth Doctor]

I suppose I could spare you one or two.

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Continued Filter...

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True, true. I'm sure you've tried but what happens when you tried to leave here in the TARDIS? Are we able to include her in our evacuation plans?

Oh a list! I do enjoy a good list! 1. This very moment I'm on the roof. Where are you? 2... Or would me asking you a question make that 2 and this now 3? No, that just messes up the reference points now doesn't it?! How about my question to you is 1b. and that would still make this 2. So, 2. Thank you! Although I'm not sure what you mean by tweak it. What kind of things are options to tweak? And now 3. Yes, this makes much more sense. 3. That sounds rather ominous! Perhaps I should take a look at Power Room Three in the very near future then. 4. I'm on my way back to the room, I trust the TARDIS is still there?
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Dead Zone. Yes. I've heard of that. Not yet gone out to see it though. Doesn't sound like the most liveliest place now does it?!

1 and 4, excellent, I'll see you very shortly. 2. Well, you may not enjoy what my tweaks result in. Remember what my Control Room looked like? 3. Why procrastinate what you can do now?

5. I beat you to the room. Hurry up will you, haven't got all day now do we?! You may have to back off on those jelly babies a wee bit.
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As the door opens, the look of surprise turns to one of disbelief. The older has to take a step back and raise an eyebrow as he looks his younger up and down from head to toe. "You're taking our name a bit to far don't you think? You are well aware that we really aren't that kind of doctor?"

"Well, there is more than one control room..." The older version pretends to think on this as if he's making plans for one of them as he enters the room and closes the door behind him. "And I have plenty of energy, thank you! You're the one who's out of breath... Or does that have something to do with McLovely? I can back if this is a bad time!"

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