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dictated/action- After Halloween

[Harry is dressed in what looks to be like some sort of feathered costume with a griffin's head over his own head. He pulls off his griffin head piece to reveal an unkempt wizard underneath. His glasses askew, he motions towards the pages of his journal. He had aimed the night of Halloween, to go as Buckbeak, the Hippogriff. Why not? He was a wizard, so dressing as something magical suited him more than anything else.]

Excuse me, but has anyone seen a large bag of sweets anywhere? I left them at the top of the staircase near the castle entrance on Halloween night. This was after I trick or treated with some of the other castle residents. When I realised I had lost the bag, it wasn't there any more. The bag is made of cloth with a pumpkin over the front of it. I would really like it back, as I collected a variety of different sweets in the evening.

Oh. Also, thanks for the Cloak, Remus. I know now that it is safe in your possession and not lost any longer. [He pauses and finds himself smiling somewhat. He resists the urge to sneeze, as some of the feathers from his costume tickle his nose.]

That's about it, really. A bag of sweets in a bag belonging to Harry Potter. That's me, if nobody knew already.