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action/dictated- One pensive hobbit

[Bilbo isn't his usual chirpy self on the other end of the journal. In fact, he feels rather empty, as he's lost one of his closest friends and family members. The news of Frodo leaving had hit home worse than Bilbo had expected.]

I don't think it will be the same without him. [Bilbo bites into the teacake Frodo left him, in the letter he got.]

We Baggins are meant to stick together and yet, he has gone. I feel like a big hole inside of me has opened up. [Are you being silly, Bilbo? No, he was a good friend and relation.]

I just feel a little lonely right now. I know nothing can bring him back but....it doesn't feel right without Frodo. He was such a kind and wonderful hobbit. [Bilbo sighs and bites into more of the cake. Had the Ring anything to do with it?] I just hope he goes onto somewhere and has a nice life, as all hobbits should. Free of danger and worry. [Tough luck, Bilbo. You have to get a big jewel from a dragon and help a dwarf prince gain his kingdom back.]
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He was really nice.

But he'll be okay, he has his friend Sam. I think he missed him a lot.
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I'm sorry. I'll miss him too.
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Um, sorta. I think. I met him when he first got here, and we would hang out sometimes.

So... you don't know him at home, you mean?
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Yeah, time is really weird here.
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I think so. None of my friends from home noticed anyone missing.
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... not really. I don't want to go home.
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Yeah. It's pretty bad.
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No, it's okay. People just usually don't like hearing about it. Where I'm from, dead people don't stay dead. They come back as walkers and eat the living.
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Yeah. It's scary.
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It seems everyone is being struck with the grief of a leaving, these past weeks.

[ So many had gone, and it was both a relief and a sadness. They had been... friends here. And they left holes in the lives of those left behind. Ashura had not really known Frodo, but he understood Bilbo's grief. So many...]

If you like, I will offer you the hospitality of my chambers and tea. It is not a hobbit hole, but I hope you can find comfort there.
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[ He laughed softly and canted his head the tiniest bit in amusement. ]

No, not an elf, but I am starting to think I might as well identify myself as one I get mistaken for that race so often. I am a Shuranian, though I do not expect you to know of my people.

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Well, the closest thing I believe one can relate to it for you is - think of Lady Galadriel's forests, but thicker and wetter, hotter too. It would equate to a rain forest on an Earth world.

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Oh my people? Yes, many. Not here though. Alas, I am their only representative in Paradisa.

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Oh, yes, I quite like Thorin. He was a bit edgy towards me at first, but he is fine company once he accepts you are not an elf.

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No, I have not heard quite all the tale, only some. A dragon, eh? That is quite the task. We do not have them, in my world, and I think I should count my blessings for it.

...Well, not dragons like I think you mean, anyways.