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DLWN 017 - Needle [Action/Around the time everyone gets kicked out of the castle.]

[Blues had just plugged himself in to recharge as much as his faulty power core would allow for the night. Shortly after the little robot's sleep mode had started up he was quite suddenly ...Transported out of his room and the castle entirely.

There is now a very prone and lifeless form laying out in the grass. A little "door" on his chest hangs open to reveal his mechanical innards. Every now again sparks will start to fly out from some of his parts that have just never quite functioned properly.

Anyone want to try and start him up again?]
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[Well, the castle is shaking things up for sure just lately. The Doctor finds himself suddenly sitting on the grass outside. Dressed in his usual trousers and a paisley bathrobe, it's a good thing what happened wasn't a few minutes later or he'd be outside in his pyjamas.

Flinching as something pops and sparks near to him, he looks and tilts his head quizzically at the robot.

That can't bode well. What do we have here? Hello? Can you hear me? [Pushing up from the floor he shuffles over on his knees for a closer look.]
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[A slightly confused Wade is wandering back to the castle in her own pajamas, but her state of dress is really the least of her worries. The second she sees the prone robot, she rushes over and drops to her knees, heedless of any grass stains she might receive]

Oh my god! What happened? Is he ok?!
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Cool with me :) Say if this is not ok?

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[The Doctor tries to peer inside that little open door and listen to that noise when Wade appears. He shakes his head at her questions, he doesn't have those answers yet.]

Be careful, there may be more sparks. Not looking too healthy for the moment, I think. Listen. He may be trying to re-start. Let's see if we can help him along. The switches here could be part of the reboot sequence. [Very carefully he will reach forward, his intention being to flip one of the switches.]
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[Wade watches anxiously and lets out a gasp when, at last, the robot shows signs of movement]

There! Something happened. Maybe try the rest?
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[That switch had been stubborn, moreso down to age of the array the Doctor suspects. Drawing his fingers back quickly from the sparks and listening,] It did, listen.

[He works on another, trying to get it to flip over. To Wade,] Would you try the rest, please? Your fingers are smaller than mine, you may have quicker luck but be careful. I'd like to work on ceasing some of these shorts before one of gets electrocuted.

As for our patient here, how are you doing? Can you hear us yet?
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I can try. I'm more of a software girl, myself.

[Grimacing nervously she reached in to toggle the rest of the connections, silently praying she didn't hit the wrong thing or cross some kind of connection that would hurt him in the process.]
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[Well, who would happen to stroll along but Equius? He had found himself put out of the castle a few hours before, right in the middle of a nap. To say the least, he was quite discomforted.

He had planned to just go back and try to order the castle to stop again. But now that he spotted the robot on the ground, his anger seemed to wane slightly.

He peered down at the robot, looking into the hole in his chest, and the sparks that flew out of it.
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[The parts inside Protoman were indeed quite rough. Bits and pieces have worn down without proper care. Equius's hands tightened, an almost overwhelming desire to repair all of it going through his mind.

But... was that right? He wasn't one of his robots.
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Easy. We have been teleported outside of the castle for reasons that are not entirely clear.

[Equius leans away a little in the face of a flash of sparks, scanning the parts in Protoman's open chest.]
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I feel as though I should.

[He sternly looks Blues in the eyes.]

You're parts are failing. They require proper maintenance.
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And if you leave this place?

Have you thought that far ahead? What if you were to go back wherever you have originated from, and your parts have failed you?

[To have such an advanced robot just.... not want to be fixed? What madness was this?]