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02 - Dictated/Action | From the place where the god of death dwells

[ Sion wasn't in his room - really, he had a more interesting place to be. That library had so much information in it. And the journals-

So when he found himself sitting outside with his journal open (to a long ago entry, even), pen and a completely normal notebook in hand, that was a bit of a surprise.

Judging by current entries - and the noise that he was hearing even without it (What made that? He's going to have to find out soon.)- he was lucky to find that his room was in the same place.

On the other hand.

"Stained Glass Reflections"? That's a bit rude. I don't have any stained glass.
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Why would that be rude?
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forever <3

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[Wade doesn't get it]

What, were named after somebody important in your world or something?
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You're...related to him?

[Otherwise it would be a rather interesting coincidence]
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So that would make you some kind of nobility. [Verbal chin-hansing]
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[She see a reason to judge Sion for his father's actions, as regrettable as they might seen.]

I see. But still, it's in your blood. The nobility, I mean...not...that..

Why would it be bad to look like a king, though? Unless he was famous for something? [Question of what that might]
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Mmm. I guess I can understand that. It can be hard to live in someone else's shadow. All you can really do is live your life in a way that proves you're different.
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So where is your new room?
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Hm. Maybe. My room used to be in one of the towers, but...
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Well, I helped you find yours last time. Might be good to try something different.
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Top. Going down stairs is always easier.
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Sure. See you there.

[It takes her a few minutes to figure out where that actually is. If she's embarrassed at all by being caught out wearing blue flannel pyjamas, she shows no sign]
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Assuming I know it when I see it.
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[She smiles] I suppose people wouldn't really blame me if I guessed wrong, since we're all in the same boat right now.

[A couple floors of searching later, however, and Wade finally pauses in front of a door that read 'Free Slider']

Oh, no way...
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I think so. Let me just...

[A furtive knock and a peek inside later...]

Yep, this is me all right. Cute.
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[She not too fussy about it. She hasn't bothered to personalize the room much. She hasn't quite accepted all this as a long term thing yet.]

Yeah. 'Slider' is what my friends and I call each other.