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Fourth car - Lost [Dicticated + Action]

[This bloody castle was slowly but surely getting on Aaron's nerves. The other day he was forced to dress up like a cowboy and tonight he woke up outside of the castle. Naturally he was quick to find his way back to his room. The trouble was where. He didn't find it where he first looked so he had to go and search around for a bit. His mood was quickly decreasing with every step he took.]

Bloody castle... can't even find my room. [Annoyed grumble.]
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[Archer's reply is grumbled. He's not too happy either, but... that's actually pretty much always the case.]

Well, when you do, it'll be in a completely fucking different spot. Because, you know, why wouldn't it be?
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Yeah, same here buddy. I feel your pain.
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[Laughter that finally fades into a flat, sarcastic tone.] That's... not going to happen.
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Long enough to know that this place is bullshit.
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Nope. Just a month or so, I guess. But... like I said. Long enough.
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[And there's Equius down the hall, looking for his room as well. The nameplates weren't helping at all.]

Fiddlesticks.... Fudgesicles...