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001 Encryptions broken - introduction, written with accidental dictation-

[The words flow in a neat hand written script, precise but a little flourished and looking old fashioned to anyone of modern Earth eras.]

As I gather it, this place is called Paradisa. That is, both the castle itself and the world around it. I see others writing in this journal and I thought that-

[There was a sharp sound and the book snapped shut quickly.]

Blast, what page was that? Oh yes, here.

[The writing resumed.]

I am seeking information on this place, and how to get out of it. Please respond to Peggy Carter through, well I suppose through this.

[There was a long silence and soft murmuring and seeming approval, then a hastily added,]

Thank you.

(OOC: The arrival is before the Florence event.)
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Dictated forever

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There is no getting out, Peggy Carter.
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Oh, yes. I'm a very special sort of book.
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What, precisely, would you like to know, newcomer?
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Absolutely. Some have started to make for the outside now, but they're trapped in this world, regardless.
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You've got it in one.

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[The response comes quickly, in the voice of a young british boy.]

How do you do, Ms. Carter? My name is Will Stanton.

There is rather a lot of information on this place for the having. The question of how to leave is a bit more complicated, I'm afraid.
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We do, yes. The journals can be spoken through, like a telephone. Or they can be written or drawn in. Its a rather useful piece of magic, I think.

Most people are a bit overwhelmed when they arrive, I would think. Its a rather complicated kind of place.

The name of this place is Paradisa. It is located in a world that exists between other worlds, somehow. Or so we guess by the way it seems to draw in people from other worlds. It does seems to have a mind of its own in some way.
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Something like that, yes. But it isn't necessary to speak so loud. It picks it up from normal speaking.

No one that I know of. I have been here for more than a year, but it seems that people only return home when the castle itself wishes to release them
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Prisoners or guests. Its much the same, really. We cannot leave.

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Welcome to Paradisa, Peggy Carter. I have plenty of information about this place but less about getting away.

Unless you'd like to only get away from the castle. That's slightly easier, but it won't bring you back home.
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The journal is magical in a couple of ways. Talking just seems more convenient.

Yes, it is. Cair Paradisa to be exact if you're near the castle, though as far as we know the rest of the world is also called Paradisa.
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You got it.

Nope, not even close. This is a different planet entirely.
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If that's all it takes to shock you, yeah, it'd probably be a good idea.

Things will only get more crazy from here.


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