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seventy-sixth labyrinth

[There's nothing from the journal at first except the sound of fluttering pages and shuffling foostepts before a (to some) familiar voice pipes in, set somewhere just south of shrieking and indignant]

I've given you want you want, now just go!

[Another voice answers, heavy with the accent of one of the locals.] You should be thankful we're helping to save you from these vanities you cling to.

I'll thank you for getting out of my house.

You are so eager to be free of us. Are there other things you are hiding, Signore Harrowgate? There are rumors of your indecency.

False accusations and none of your business!

Are you keeping boys back there? Perhaps there is more you have to pay for.

Now see here---[There is a gasped and a clattering of furniture]---that is valuable scientific equipment, don't touch that!

[The exclamation is cut off rather abruptly by the unmistakable sound of a fist hitting flesh]

((ooc: interactions over the journal are unlikely to be answered, but the door to Felix's home is wide open as he's being accosted by a small group of the friar's followers. Rescuing is greatly welcomed.))
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[ Clearly, all this unrest is a sign that Sion won't be able to sleep anytime soon. A tiny voice in the corner of his head - one that sounds surprisingly like Ryner, rather than anyone else - tells him he really ought to just... Continue on, find a place and sleep for the next 52 hours.

But he's Sion Astal, and he just doesn't leave messes alone. Hero King, huh-

So, this has really really been bothering me ever since I heard that sermon.... What are you doing with these things you're 'liberating' people from?

[ Sion steps in, hands behind him. He'd rather not have to use the knife he carries, but, well. It all depends on how those people ganging up on the redhead react. There's no magic here, he can handle a group. ]
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I'd like to see that. Here I thought chains of hell were something a bit different. And hard to see.

[ Sion is fairly certain that for all their words, he'll just find that the items are being kept by someone who claims to be destroying them. Regardless, he's cheerful sounding yet as he steps in, although his smile is turning a little less from an innocent youths to... something a little sharper. Five men? ]

And come now, isn't five on one a little unfair? How about we make it four on two?

[ Sion hasn't failed his math, he's just going to slam his fist into the nearest man's kidneys as he says that. ]
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[ Three he can handle. These men don't even seem to be on the ruffian side of the scale of assassins, so really..

Its a bit of using them against each other, because he's a bit out of practice, and definitely going for squishy parts. One down to knee heavily kicked and an arm to the back of the neck, one down due to a blow to the gut followed with another slam to the kidneys, and the last because Sion introduced him forcefully to a clear patch of wall.

Military academy, as corrupt as the system had been, was a fairly good help.

... Do you think dumping them down the street will make them less or more likely to return with greater numbers?

[ ... Okay, so he's a bit out of breath. He hasn't done much of this for several years. ]
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.... Well...

[ Just give him a moment to think. ]

.... Have you any wine you don't want?

[ Sion may.. just step casually on one of the more moving ones. ]

If there's a nice alley nearby, but this can easily look like some stupid, violent drunks.
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They're so against vanities, wonder how their fellows will view them after this?

[ Sion will step about the groaning men to knock them unconscious while he thinks on how to answer that. Saving people - that's not something he actually has to do anymore. ]

I really like helping people - protecting people. Maybe because no one stood up for me, I really want to make sure no one else has to go through that. ... As best I can, anyway.
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... I suppose I might be.

[ A thin smile back. Maybe more than even Sion realizes. Or perhaps not, Lucile seemed to think he was easily replaced. ]

I'll see if I can arrange this into as few trips as possible.

[ Two people? Sion might be able to do two people still. These ones aren't quite as muscled as some... ]
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Let's see...

[ Sion looks between the limp forms. ]

As much as I dislike it, I could probably carry one and drag two to make a short trip number one, if you help me out with that. Unless you would like to drag one, and I'll try to make two quick trips?

[ Sion kicks the feet of one of the men. Just grab hold here, and start going! ]
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Take a pair of ankles, then.

[ Sion will be taking one man to drag atop another, taking his own advice and pulling his pair out the door after a quick look left and right.

And for a conveniently located alley he goes! He may just leave the men atop one another when he's there, just for some entertainment factor.
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[Uh oh]

...Uh, Felix? Saying a word or two here would be appreciated.

[Don't make him come and rescue you, man]
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...Well, fuck.

[There's a sigh, and Crowley on his way to find you, Felix]
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[ Of course those wretched friars would appear when he was taking company with Felix. He had to hide briefly in order to fix himself up appropriately, but it could be easily excused as using the chamber pot - a rather difficult and laborious task for a lady and her skirts.

From the sound of things, it was not going well.

Like many in Florence, she was tired of the monks and their brutish ways. In the name of God? Bah!

Appropriately fixed, he came out of the chamber and followed the sound of raised voices and then quickened when he heard the sound of fighting. He came around the corner, skirts swishing, doing his best to look appalled at the scene. ]

What in the name our Lord and our City is happening here?!
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[ Ashura had skill enough to trounce the men, but doing so would only cause more trouble. Bullies, the lot of them, and he prayed readily that one day they burned in their little house of righteousness.

He was silent a hard moment, glaring at the friar, making a pointed make by not obeying immediately. But eventually he undid the jewels from neck and throat and held them out. ]

Do make sure they go towards paying for an appropriate piece to celebrate The Lord.

Now, please leave. You had committed enough violence and insult here.

[ He motioned imperiously and went to Felix's side, skirts rustling as he knelt beside him, brows drawn in concern. ]

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[ He stepped forward, imperiously imposing himself between the friar and Felix, golden eyes like daggers. ]

Leave this place. You have taken your tithe, or shall I send to Rome decrying the greed of the Lord's servants, turning from his light into sin?

[ Inside, though, his heart was pounding, hoping this would take and they would leave, satisfied in their superiority, however unearned. ]

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He is my companion and my tutor. And he is a child of The Lord. Should not that mean you have a stake too? Or shall my letter to Rome also tell of how the Lord's men have turned to lies as well as greed?

[ his heart continued to pound, doing his best to look at the men and not at Felix. He kept his head canted slightly high, looking down upon them, giving them no advantage.

Please, lord God, let this work. ]

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[ Ashura made sure they were well gone from the house before he came back to Felix with a bustle of skirts. It had taken all his effort not to run to the man as soon as the monks began to leave, but he did not think weakness would be left unnoticed by them. They were animal, and if he was not careful, they would fall prey.

Skirts shifted as he knelt, offering him a strip of cloth to dab his lip. ]

Of course I did. They're a bunch of ruffians, and I will not be intimidated. I am only sorry I had to stand letting them touch you as they did.

[ His fingers smoothed the bright copper hair he adored so and looked about the room, his heart shifting with pain. ]

We should clean up. I shall find a broom.

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[ The thought galled Ashura. What would he do without his friend, his.... lover? He bit his lip, but admitted, it might not be a bad idea. The monks had begun to look upon him suspiciously, and his friendship with Felix was not helping.

He came over and knelt again, cupping his cheek and kissing his forehead softly, and then his fiery hair before rising again and seeking out the desired cleaning implements. ]

We can discuss such matters once we are no longer in danger of cutting ourselves on glass. Go and wash your face. Remove their stain from you.

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[ He sighed, knowing what he meant. They were pushing boundaries of late, throwing on airs more reminiscent of a lord's sons than men of God. Which was worrisome. Not even lords were safe from God's eyes. Have swept the glass into something of a manageable pile, he came over and slid an arm around the slender waist he loved so much. ]

Come. We should see you to bed with a cool cloth.

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Already done, my love.

[ He smiled softly at the other, touching his cheek, and then wrapped his arm around his waist to help him back into the chambers they shared for many purposes. ]

Believe me, I want them even less than you do. Perhaps I should write to Rome. They are getting far out of hand of their station.

[ He shook his head, hair coming out of the delicate coif he had kept it in and falling across his pale collar bones. ]

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[ He frowned, but nodded, accepting his council. He set him down upon the bed and helped him work off his boots and undo the laces of trousers and shirt. He urged him to lay back, than went to a wash basin to get a cool, wet cloth. Skirts rustled as he moved, coming to sit on the edge of the bed and tab the cloth across his lover's face. ]

You are sure I should not call a physician?

[ His face continued to be creased with worry, taking a moment to lean in and kissing his lips gently before continuing with the dabbing. ]

Stupid brute...

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[ He looked down at the wrist and quietly shook his head. He rested his other hand over it before shifting himself to lay down beside his scholarly lover. His fingers lightly traced his collar bone, cloth still in his hand.

The monks may come after him, but Felix was the more likely target. It was easier for them to bring down scholars than it was nobles, whose coffers funded them... ]

Let us worry of you, my love. You are the one with bruises no doubt coming. I shall have to be more careful in our love making for a bit, I think.

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Perhaps, but I do not mind losing things so long as I can keep you. I can give up pretty dresses and jewels and parties. I like learning the stars with you much better.

[ He sighed and rose, undoing the laces and clasps of the heavy silks. They dropped, leaving him in a bare, plain shift as he took his place on the bed against Felix again. ]

I will not abandon you to them, love.

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Well, I suppose it is best we start planning a new lie then.

[ He had perpetuated the assumption and belief he was a woman for many years, and since he was from Rome, no one really had the means to check on his previous holdings or dared to. He claimed to be a widow, but that was not the case.

His fingers threaded with Felix's on his stomach, coming in close so their foreheads touched. ]

I wish for nothing more than to live freely with you, Felix. I will make it work, however I can.

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[ He nodded. ]

I am not so attached to pretty silk dresses as you might think, my love.

[ Which was true enough. He did not mind them, but some days he did just enjoy a good tunic. He moved his head in, kissing his lips tenderly, but with the intimacy of long time lovers. ]

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[ He had no wish to press his lover for anything more physically amorous than that at the moment, given his state, but he was glad for the return of interest. He did not want to speak of dour things anymore. It could be accomplished later, in the light of day.

With only a bit of creative wriggling, Ashura got them both properly settled in the red head's bed amidst further kisses. He was loathe to stop those, and his own hands gently made their way across the fabric of Felix's tunic while their mouths remained occupied. ]