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#007 - Dictated

[So. There's nothing around to drink except wine, and Souji is... maybe a little too okay with this, what with being down in the dumps after Chie's leaving the castle. He hasn't gone entirely overboard with drinking down the inn's reserves, but after a few days in Florence, a little bit of a perpetual buzz has set in. And that's why he has the very brightest of ideas!]

Would anyone like to go fishing? It'll be a good way to pass the time, I've missed getting out there with the old rod.

[No giant lunkers to catch here, probably, but who knows. Maybe he'll get lucky, and maybe he'll pull something out of the Arno that's actually edible.]


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That sounds like a good idea. [He cocks his head and glances towards one of his windows. He definitely needs some time outside.] When are you planning on going?