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Twenty-third Gate

Hello to all of our new faces- if we haven't spoken before, let me introduce myself. I'm Dr. Keller, and I run the clinic in town.

I'm looking for help again, if anyone is willing. If you don't have any previous medical experience, I would be willing to teach the basics- I don't have any magical powers, but I can do the non-magic stuff, and anything heavier than first aid would likely be handled by myself or Dr. Tam. A set of hands that can come around once a week or so and clean and straighten my files would also be deeply appreciated.


Private to Conan

So, when were you planning on telling me about that cure?
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I would be delighted to help, Dr. Keller. It would be a pleasure to give something back to the people here.

[He had never really been much for the medical knowledge, but he does have a rather sneaky unfair advantage.]
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[How to put this?]

I have knack for the medicinal arts, doctor.
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Mundane, very mundane. Almost boring, in fact, hardly worth talking about at all.
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[He has the vague idea that he hasn't put his best foot forward here, but muddling on is all he can do.]

So, when should I start?
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[Dogs... Aziraphale has never been fond of them since all the worry over the hell hound, though most animals liked him by simple nature of being an angel.]

No, no allergies. But are you sure that's hygienic? Having a dog in a place of medicine?

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I wasn't. I didn't intend to tell anyone I had it.
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I don't want to say it over the journals.
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I'll be in my room for the next hour.

[Sweeping for bugs, he doesn't say.]
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[He has to jump up and hang on the handle to get the door open. He hated being short again.]

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I know the basics for dressing field wounds, so I am some help there, but I also have sewing skills. Mostly I've run security for the clinics, but I think I can handle paperwork too.

[ It gave him purpose, helping, so he never had any issue volunteering. ]
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Re: voice;

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Of course. When do you want me to come about? I could perhaps see if Tylendel might help. He's had the same training as me, if not all the experience.

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I am glad to here it. I think it will do him good. It's nice to keep busy.

How has your self-defense been coming along, Jennifer?

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With the winter months in, I have no doubt you might have a steady stream of them with the usual ailments.

That's good, I am glad you are being diligent about it. If you wish a sparring partner, I am happy to play your opposite if you like.

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