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17th Widows Web - holiday eddition

If my calculations are correct it should be coming near a holiday for my adopted culture. It's one that I think might do us all some good this year.

The United States has, among their historical glassing over of events, a tradition of gathering for a feast and giving thanks for things they have. I know this year here has been full of challenges both good and bad for me and I would like to extend the invitation to all of you to join me in thanks for a feast...to the best of my ability to obtain since I can't cook anymore.

[Yeah, thank you for that loss Paradisa, dying on the Event Horizon wasn't bad enough but she couldn't use anything more than a microwave since then.]

Stark Tower will be open to residents, all are welcome on November 28th; food drink and hopefully good company will be there.

Also.....If you are interested in cooking, or wishing up food it would be appreciated.
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What's with all the food-related stuff happening this time of the year? Halloween last month, and now this... seems kinda weird.
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... Seriously? That's.... totally fucking bizarre.
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Glad to hear people are making plans. Mind if I ask what you mean by 'adopted culture'?
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Yeah - yeah, trust me, I know that.

[ He's a history professor. Or, well - he used to be a history professor. How does one even begin to approach tenses in this place? It is a mystery. ]

Castle has a habit of putting us through hell and back, but we've got more to appreciate than a lot of folks seem to realize. Good luck with your celebration.
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I think our group has plans, but I might bring Clementine by. Always good to know people in this place.
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Pretty generous of you. It's Lee, by the way.
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You guys must be pretty established here. I mean, with your own tower and all.

[ It's his polite way of prying. ]
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Backdated - Dictated

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[Dairine takes a moment before she answers to ponder whether it would be juvenile to loathe going into a building made by Tony Stark, the insufferable know-it-all. (Grudges die slowly in the Callahan household, at least when Dair is involved.) A minute later, she comes to the conclusion yes, it would be childish, and technically she's already been inside the Peace Patrol rooms which were also made by him, making the point rather moot.]

Huh, it is that time of the year.

Well if you don't mind, I think I'll drop by. After all, my crew from last year's feast isn't exactly around to celebrate.
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OK! Is it all right if I bring someone along?

[Because she's definitely dragging Nita with her, no questions asked.]
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Great! I'll see you then! [No getting out of this one, Nita...]