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18 Truffula Seeds

Since I got here, there've been a lot of new holidays to learn about. I thought Easter was neat: going around finding hidden eggs and eating chocolate. And now this "Thanksgiving" thing I've heard about. So you eat a giant bird and be thankful for things?

I looked up what a turkey was in the library. They look really weird. Why eat them and not roast beast?
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I know, right? There's like...hardy any turkey to feed a lot of people. At least a roast beast can make an actual feast.
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I don't think they do. Clearly, it's our solemn duty to bring it to the table.
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And we sure as heck can't have that, can we?
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Show them how to really chow down.
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I doubt Earth or wherever has roast beast.
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I think a better question would be what kind of place does.
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Mhmm. We are a one of a kind place, after all.
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You can have more than one meat, as long as turkey's there, too.
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It tastes good.

[ Despite Joshua's knowledge, he's still horrible about explaining things properly. Lack of caring... ]
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The only one that matters to me.
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Depends on who cooks it... These ones aren't so bad.
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Why not turkey in a roast beast? [ Whatever roast beast is. ]
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If a chicken can fit inside a turkey.
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Actually, the chicken goes into the duck then the duck goes into the turkey.
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It's real gross.
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Because they're a bunch of wankers.
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A jerk. Tosser. Don't grow up to be one, yeah?
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Good kid.
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Why not eat both?
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I mean both sound good! I'm sure there'd be no harm.

...Or would that be too much?