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Vereesa Windrunner ([personal profile] sworn) wrote in [community profile] paradisa2013-11-30 08:13 pm
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My dearest sisters,

I've not heard word from either one of you since we were separated. I pray that the Light has protected you both and you are well. I do not know if this will reach you, but know that I am always thinking of you both.

Perhaps you have returned to Azeroth. It is selfish to wish otherwise. Alleria, I do not know where you would be returning to and it pains me deeply, but I am grateful for the chance we have had here to spend together. If you are still here, please find me. The castle has blurred my recollection of where we were travelling or you know that I would have rejoined you and Sylvanas without hesitation.

Sylvanas, I miss you so much. Forgive me for hoping that you are still here somewhere and that we will find each other once more. The wars of Azeroth rage on, and we are further from peace than ever before. I have cherished every moment we have spent together, for I know that we could return at a moment's notice and have our familial bond tested time and again by our allegiances. I have seen too much bloodshed, and we have both lost too much. You are my sister; this will never change.

Guilt torments me. These are selfish desires. And what of my boys? They are in good hands but I am all they have. I should wish to return to them, but I cannot bear the heartache of losing you both again. I cannot return to a world where my husband no longer waits for me. I can only selfishly hope that we remain here, and that we are joined by our loved ones. This should not be the only way.

If you read this, please send word of your well-being.


[Vereesa has seated herself beneath a tree where she has been writing in her journal. The chilled wind doesn't seem to bother her, a blue cloak wrapped around her, and she has little regard for her surroundings.

But she's not so distracted that she won't hear anyone approaching.]