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Backdate to Christmas


I got a key... And what looks like a way home. Either the castle is finding a new way to screw with me... Or it's a chance to finish things back home. I'd say freedom, but I'm not so sure home will bring that. Just... Responsibilities.

So... Is anyone else planning to take the offer it seems to be?

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If you get this? I'd like to talk to you about this... Because if it is a way out, I know you don't have anything to return to... I want your opinion.

And if I go through... I was going to ask if you'd come with me.
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I am strongly considering it. As far as I've been able to tell, the people from the other castle haven't received any such doors or keys, and nothing is compelling us to take the trip, which inclines me to trust it.

Not that I am packing my metaphorical bags right now.
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I intend to. After so long, it's not such a simple matter to step through a door without looking back.
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Which are a mixed bag on their own, to say the least.