Feb. 16th, 2012

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[why is he awake at this hour? Who knows. But he is, and he notices a certain cousin missing from the castle] Hey, uhm... I don't know how many friends he made around here, but just wanted everyone to know that Nico di Angelo is gone again.

He'll be okay, though. Last time I saw him back home he was doing well.


Feb. 16th, 2012 09:15 am
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Uh, okay. I feel like this is going to be a pretty weird request, even by castle standards, but here goes:

Is there anyone around who can help me build a fake leg? Just from the knee down. I've made improvements on mine, but I don't really have experience with prosthetics. Mostly just weapons, which, you know, doesn't exactly help me out here.

[He's a little off balance. His joints are sore, and that's not normal for a fifteen year old. :T]

I think the last guy who was gonna help me out got out of the castle, so if anyone else has the time? That'd be great. My name is Hiccup. Uh - thanks.


Feb. 16th, 2012 09:23 am
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room 1802 )

[ A few hours later John slips into the clinic, journal in hand. Slow day, he hopes, wouldn't like to see anyone come in after having jumped off a building and slipped, breaking their ankle or something like that.

He sets himself up nearby the front door, flicking briefly through the journal. Hm. ]

The castle doesn't do that sort of thing all of the time does it? Locking people in rooms with tacky decorations? [ It was such a lovely reminder of how painfully single he is right now. :| ]

(ooc; LALA open for journal and in person shenanigans.)
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[Vivi's hard at work roaming the halls with a large pillowcase stuffed full with paper flowers messily carefully cut out of brightly colored construction paper and a role of masking tape over her small wrist. She's been busy all morning taping the flowers to window, walls, doorways, suits of armor, and anything she can reach. Guess who was productive on Valentine's Day while she was stuck in her room! Care to join her? Or just stare at her as she acts strangely?]

☠ 035

Feb. 16th, 2012 02:43 pm
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[Today, one might notice some... new residents in the lobby. Two new, very small residents. Two new, very small, and very redheaded residents. Although they may not look familiar to their friends, since they are missing rather distinctive eyewear.]

Are you really going to sit there and eat chips?


Well, what are we going to do next?

I dunno. [He pops more chips into his mouth.] Enjoy this place before we get moved somewhere else again?

Ugh. [She rolls her eyes as the heels of her feet hit the couch.]

Think there is a fun room around here? I wonder if they have laser tag...

Really, Cross?

Well, one besides the game room. I feel like shooting. [He pretends to pull back the string of a bow and makes a “pshew!” sound at the nonexistent arrow flying.]

Laser tag does not have bows and arrows!

Whatever, Molotov!

I wonder if there is anyone else here to play with. You are being boring.

And you are being annoying, as always.

[There’s a glare and a moment of silence before she snatches his chips away and throws them on the floor.] Shut up.

Hey!! [He shoves her arm as a ghost comes and cleans up the mess.]

Do not hit me, Cross! [But her admonishment doesn’t stop her from immediately pushing him back, with both hands.]

[Yeah, he is going to jump off the couch to move away from her and take out his journal.] If anyone would like a bratty girl for a sister, they can take her!

I am a better sister than you are at being a brother! At least I am not a stinky stupid boy.

Boys are a lot more fun than girls.

More gross and dumb, you mean. Girls are pretty and smart.

Girls just look at themselves in the mirror and are all-- [in a high-pitched voice] “Oh, look at me! I am so cute! I only know how to dress up and pretend to be Mommy and I do not play in the dirt or play rough!”

Shut up, Cross! [Can’t play rough? Well, she’ll show him. By tackling him.]

No, Mol-- [Oh heck no. Cross is yelling in protest as he gets tackled, quickly letting out a growl of displeasure and trying to flip their positions.]

[And now there are two small, wrestling children in the middle of the lobby. Someone should probably put a stop to this -- little Molotov is prone to biting, much to Cross’s annoyance.]

[OOC: Open for action or journal! This is the start of Molotov and Cross's joint loss. Cross is blue, Molotov is red. Have fun!]
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[Hello, Paradisa.

If it wasn't enough that a certain black lizard trashed the kitchen not long ago, now there's a young man filling the kitchen with...


Peeled potatoes, to be specific.

Senri still didn't remember where he was or what he was supposed to do in this place, and days just seemed to float into each other. The castle was getting more and more familiar since he was exposed to it every single day, but he still had troubles finding his room.

The kitchen? Well, he found that by scent... and today, upon finding potatoes in the fridge, the teen apparently decided that peeling them were familiar. So he peeled all the potatoes in the fridge... and then wished up more. And more. And more.]
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[Those who monitor old-school analogue military-band radio frequencies are in for a treat. There's a guy on there who sounds as though he's not sure wtf. His frequency seems to change every 30 seconds or so, as is SOP for the MSF, but it's not too hard to track. His journal thus far is unnoticed, though it's picking up his voice as clearly as his radio.]

U-Umm......Snake? Kaz? Is anybody hearing this? I'm not sure where I've been taken, but...it looks like some kind of mansion or something. I can't raise anyone else...on any frequency. Hello?

[The sound of a mechanical whirring can be heard as Huey explores the lobby, trying to familiarize himself with anything that stands out. Feel free to bother him either via radio, or go ahead and blow his mind and speak over the journal!]
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[Catch a falling star and]

put it in your pocket, then there's no rainy day. We just have to find the pieces to make the whole. Holey whole there's all the new ones new new new.

Did you know you makes the bells chime?

[There's a clack clack clack as she walks down the hallway in tap shoes, fishnets and a toga.]

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Alphonse an' I was gonna play today but I can't find him. Maybe he's in the library?

Do any of ya guys wanna play instead? I know a fun one... if I say a word, ya gotta say 'nother word that ya think of when ya hear it, an' then I gotta do the same. So if I say apple an' ya say red, I'd say rose... an' ya gotta go on until ya can't think of anythin'.

I'll start!

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[So, today in the lobby there is a box of chocolates in the middle of the floor. Just sitting there. Unattended. Maybe if you haven't had your fill of them already, you'd want to go and see if you can grab the box. Waste not, want not, right?

Unfortunately, it seems the box has been glued to the floor, and all the chocolates within have been glued to the inside of the box. It's very pathetic, by any pranking standards, but the pranker wasn't looking for a grand gesture.

Crowley's sitting across the lobby, watching the box. Creating a wile and still half expecting Aziraphale to come along and thwart it. Of course, he won't, so the chocolates remain. As does Crowley's lack of stepping properly into sobriety

[[ooc: Open as an open thing]]


Feb. 16th, 2012 10:16 pm
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Ace )

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Tech-Savvy Ladies )


Okay, so this is my first year here that I remember- so when's the snow suppose to melt exactly?

Winter's pretty, [No it's not] but the fashion's getting old.


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