Feb. 27th, 2012

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[Good evening, castle!

I hope you are not sleeping yet, because there's a huge wakeup call for those who can sense supernatural energy. It pretty much just exploded from the sixth floor, taking out a certain monkey's door.

...then there is a shrill cry over the journals, like the mix of a child and the yowl of an animal.

If you happen to stop by Goku's room, there's a tiny creature in the boy's bed, surrounded by what used to be his golden circlet and clothes. At a closer inspection it seems to be an infant, but it is clearly not human. With long, pointed ears, clawed fingers and toes and large golden eyes with slitted pupils, the baby looks more like a feral elf. A large tattoo is visible on his stomach, shaped like a stylized sun, and the little near-god seems very upset.]


Feb. 27th, 2012 10:16 am
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 ....Puzzling.  Very puzzling.
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[There's no voice at first, just a small nickering sound, followed by the sound of crumpling paper]

W-wha, no no I was about to use that!

[Next there's a small bleat, like an unhappy sheep or other herd animal]

You're supposed to eat from this, not my journal.

[A cough to clear his throat, and-]

It seems my egg has finally hatched. She is very... lively for a newborn.

((Anyone currently walking around the lobby might see Flynn trying to bottle feed a creature that looks like a cross between a horse foal and a deer fawn. It's very enthusiastic, and so there's milk all over him, thought he doesn't seem to mind))
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❀ So what are everybody's favorite things to put on ice cream? I tried to put gum drops on mine, but I think they're too chewy for a sundae!  ❀

[It's a few minutes before eleven, but down in the dining room is a kid in bunny pajamas, finishing up the last of what looks to have been a massive sundae. A bit of melted strawberry ice cream falls into his open journal as he scoops out the very last of it. Have fun cleaning that up!]

❀ Oh, I almost forgot! My birthday's in a couple of days, so none of my friends are allowed to go home this time, okay? Wait until Thursday, please! ❀

[He says this cheerfully enough - almost too cheerfully to be believable. He can't help remembering what happened on his 18th birthday, last year.]

((ooc: open in dining room or over journal, and back-dated to Monday night.))

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[Del has made a pilgrimage. She has traveled to the ends of the earth in search of the something.

But here, standing at the edge of the Dead Zone, she finds she can't take another step farther. It felt like her toes were disappearing from the inside out.]

I don't like this kind. I don't like it... I want my sister!
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[Gren had already been planning on moving into town, ever since he'd been introduced to the idea that it was an option. He knew it wasn't a perfect solution, but living inside the castle made the fact of his loss hover a little closer to the surface. He'd actually been moving things to a place for a few days, but Vicious' sudden arrival kicked this plan into overdrive. The chance that Vicious would find his nameplate and drop in unannounced was too high for comfort. If he was going to see the man again, it was going to be on more even terms.

The moment he's done talking to Vicious he throws together the last of his things, which wasn't much, and then scrawls a filter into the journal

Julia )


Feb. 27th, 2012 07:15 pm
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Private )

[ And look, guess who finally decided to come out of her room that wasn't to be a trip to the kitchen or library? This girl.

Bundled up in a jacket and scarf, Haibara could be seen making her way down from the Pietas Tower. The journal was tucked away inside her jacket as well as her Detective Boy's badge in the pocket. She's keeping to herself as she passes anyone by but she does look just a little annoyed while making her wayheading for the entrance of the castle. ]

[ ooc: Coming off from being sick and trying to make up for my fail. /stands in corner ]
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[broadcasting. it's not something he really wants to do, when he wakes up in the morning and realizes it's Monday. he's perfectly inclined to ignore the journal for the rest of the day and let everyone stew in their indecision and their squabbling, because things are pretty much a mess.

and then Jet asks what happened, and he finds that he's more than happy to tell him. at dinnertime, he goes down to the kitchen, grabs a bag of chips and a Pepsi, and takes Nora's tie-dye banner down off the wall, folding it and wearing it back up to his room over his shoulders like a kid playing dress-up. and then he sits in his chair, eating chips, reading over the last couple weeks' entries, and stewing in the physical representation of what he's beginning to think was the biggest mistake he ever made.

but the more he reads, the more he looks at it with a little distance, some rest, and some fresh eyes ... the more he realizes just what he's seeing.

so come ten o'clock, the music starts, and it just keeps on going for the first couple of songs - one of which, YES, is eleven minutes and change long.]

Hey there, hi there, ladies, gents, germs and jackasses, and welcome to Monday night on Desolation Row. I'm your host, Hard Harry, and in case you're wonderin' why you haven't heard from me in nearly two weeks? I've got a girlfriend, folks, you figure it out.

[he jams a button on his soundboard and there's a soundclip of random porn music and a falsetto "OH GOD, YES" - and then a record scratch]

But even though I'm sure you're all pretty glad you don't need to hear me fillin' up my gym socks on a regular basis anymore...? That's enough dirty talk outta me, let's get to the dirt that's goin' down around Home Sweet Castle Wonderfuck.

Two weeks' worth of new people! Let's see how fast I can rattle 'em all off. [he glances down at his list and punches a drumroll button on his soundboard as he sucks in a deep breath] Sam Flynn, Hans, Huey, Starbuck, Sarah Jane, Faramir, Boober, Tres, Esther, Jim, Rapunzel, and Vicious. PHEW. Ten seconds, not bad. Anyway, all of you, welcome to Castle Wonderfuck, if you haven't heard it from someone already.

And hey, gold stars for those've you who've been actually using your radios! But you know what I really wanna talk about today? Talking.

Because you guys are actually doing it for once! And I don't just mean going "bla bla bla losses kitchen microwave castle sucks, wanna go home", I mean you're actually getting INTO it, bringing up the things that matter to you and why, hashin' shit out. Sure, I know for a fact that a lot of you didn't like 'em, but shit, if this is what it took, I would've thrown those ten shitty little rules up MONTHS AGO.

For those of you in the dark ... allow yours truly to shed a little light on the subject. The Peace Patrol had a meeting last Monday, and the subjects of rules an' government came up. There's a lotta talk goin' on now about whether we even NEED a government, let alone how it should be set up an' who's gonna be part of it an' what kinda rules it'd follow if we had one. Personally, I think a stable government here's got as much chance as a snow cone's got in hell, if less, since we can all decide on one easy answer about as quick as a normal guy could get off watchin' Lawrence Welk. [he punches another button on the sound board and there's the sound of obnoxious polka, very briefly] But the truth is, we've got three prisoners bein' held down in the basement, and everyone's tryin' to figure out what the fuck to do with 'em. And if we ain't gonna have rules, but we're gonna try an' keep the peace anyway, where the hell is the line? And if there even IS a line, is it drawn in chalk, or Sharpie, or did we just scratch it in the sand?

I dunno where this trip we're all on now's gonna end up, but at least someone finally started up the bus. So, you guys can all either pile on and hope you packed a decent lunch, or you can stay home, so to speak. Me? I'm lookin' forward to the ride. Maybe I almost forgot for a while there, but this sorta thing is what bein' a real DJ's all about.

[and he'll let the music play again ... for all of one song]

Oh, and if you're looking for something a little less serious, turn your journals to [page number]. You might get just as much of a kick out of it as I did.

[music resumes. enjoy your broadcast day, Paradisa. he knows he certainly will]
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[Ianto is sat outside the tourist office, his jacket hanging off the back of a chair as he takes a sip of his book and starts writing in his journal.]

I wonder if this place has a leap year. It would be unusual if it did but I guess it copies earth quite often anyway. If it does perhaps we can guess that it's in a similar sort of orbit at least. Who knows?

I suppose the other thing with the twenty ninth is that it's customarily permitted for women to ask men for their hand in marriage. Rather apt for the month that holds St. Valentines day I suppose although it's unnecessary nowadays but for some people it may still be in effect. Also it's not like they could make more of a pigs ear with proposals than men seem to.

005 Beats

Feb. 27th, 2012 11:46 pm
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[Investigation Team]

I mentioned this to Yukiko already, but I think that...We definitely need to start putting our heads together and start figuring a way out of here. But the journals are pretty secure, so this is a good way to do it, too.

[Plus he supposes, it's a way to not have to include Nanako without being unfair] Let me know!

[/Investigation Team]

[Sherlock Holmes]

I know you're loss is a bit...But we've worked around it before. I really gotta run something buy you, it seems kind of...Important.

[/Sherlock Holmes]

[Yosuke is the most fun person. Like it is appalling the amount of non stop fun this kid engages in. It's always upbeat music this, random flailing activities that, and an endless string of 'duuuuude'.

So it's really no surprise he's engaging in the most exciting activity there is. Stretching out on the castle steps, supported on his elbows, headphones up with music loud enough to hear it from 10 paces away and...

Watching metaphorical tumble weeds go by. You know you want in on this


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