Mar. 5th, 2012

First drink

Mar. 5th, 2012 03:49 am
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Spoiler cut for Catching Fire! )

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[There's the sound of an almighty crash, and some muted swearing, before the journal is picked up.]

Do vehicle-mounted machine guns usually fall out of closets?

[There's a clanking.]

...Hey, this is mine.

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[he distantly remembers traveling. Uprooted, hauled bodily through space and sensation. But he can't remember specifics, aside from the fact that he couldn't get himself to stay awake once they'd arrived. They must have taken him from under the heaviest grip of the drugs, then. He'd expected something like this to happen at some point, but thought it likely that he wouldn't be waking up again afterward.

But, he does wake up--opening his eyes to a somewhat-familiar room, a shackle around his ankle, and sunlight. It must be the Dead Zone, by the way that he feels nothing when he tries to stretch his mind, but... he really can't bring himself to complain. He's alive, for the moment at least, and everything is delightfully different. Finally.

Yes. ...He can certainly tolerate this situation.]

[soon, there is a polite monotone voice, if a little sleepy, addressing the journal--]

...I suppose many of you don't know who I am, do you? I admit that I haven't felt very friendly as of late--I do apologize for that. Still... there must be so many new residents by now... and, have they told any of you what happened, months ago? I wouldn't guess that there are many here who enjoy that sort of storytelling. They probably didn't think it worth mentioning.

Well. In the event that we have not yet met, I think it's only polite that I introduce myself-- my name is Legato Bluesummers, and I am a prisoner.

[a light pause, then, as something else comes to mind]

...Also, I would like to know who has my coat, if you don't mind.

04. [Voice]

Mar. 5th, 2012 12:20 pm
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[There's a soft rattling down, then a solid 'thunk' and 'whirrr'.]

Ah--! Oh, no...! [Ran hissed beneath her breath, watching the door-knob roll by her foot as she tried to leave her bedroom. She looked to the door and tried to rattle it open, but it wouldn't budge.]

Hello?! Is anyone out there? I'm locked in!

[She sighs, and tries rattling it again. It was pretty good and stuck.]
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H-hey guys, what day is it? I... don't remember the last week.

Did I do something bad again?

N-Nora, Apollo... did I hurt anyone? Please tell me! I didn't mean to, I promise...
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[ Dictated, over the journals, and sounding really confused. ]

...huh? Where did these come from?

[ Thinking, thinking... ]

Oh! That's where they all went! A few days ago, when the castle was being weird, I asked for a piece of fruit and it gave me a lot of muffins instead...I forgot that most of them were in my closet. I don't think I can eat all of them, but does anyone else want some of them? I have a lot here, so it'd be nice if someone else wanted them.

[ Oh yeah, he'd actually been meaning to ask something. ]

And...does anyone know how to teach someone how to play the piano? I told someone that I would, but I never tried to teach anyone before...


Mar. 5th, 2012 04:50 pm
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Private )

To Paradisa Itself )

[Filtered to anyone whos ever blown up a city.]


How'd you do it?
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Since Paradisa seems to celebrate holidays or traditions we have on Earth, I've seen Christmas, Valentine's, Bonfire Night, Halloween and now apparently Leap Year (guess the calendar isn't that off) and because people not from Earth don't know about our holiday's (and we don't know yours) I figured it was a good topic to have.

[ And the following is written in red ink ]
Planet of Origin:
Traditions/Holidays there:
Your favourite traditions/holidays: (can be personal family ones too if you want to share)

Name: Kitty Pryde
Planet of Origin: Earth
Traditions/Holidays there: The ones mentioned, different Saint's days, bank holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, stuff I'm forgetting. And there's different celebrations for different religions too
Your favourite traditions/holidays: Possibly Halloween. It's fun

Have fun!

[ ooc; previous survey's: hobbies, location + year ]
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[ The sound of hesitant pacing is clearly audible. Though he's much calmer compared to when he first got here, Sakuya's still pretty agitated-- he's not sure where to begin. ]

Given that this entire castle seems to be steeped in ridiculousness I suppose that I shouldn't be too surprised at being reduced to a mere mongrel, but if the patrons of this castle are present: this is completely unacceptable! Do you think yourselves funny, twisting the visage of a Le Bel so? Are you giggling amongst your pathetic selves, amused at your own astounding lack of wit? Let it be known now that I will not stand for such disgraceful behavior. When we finally meet beak to beak it shall be in court!

[ Pause. Huff. Huff. ]

It has come to my attention that there are several others in this place who are suffering the effects of a similar degradation. [ Being human, that is. ] Therefore, if anybirdie else is out there listening: respond immediately! List your name, previous location, and any insight you can offer as to this entire situation!

It is your duty to respond as thoroughly and capably as you can. I realize that may be difficult if the lackadaisical attitude of Japanese schooling is any standard to measure the world by, but if you can at least attempt to string together some sort of coherent thought despite your pervasive ignorance, do so. Now!

[ There's another pause, followed by the sound of footsteps getting louder. A brief bit of writing appears at the bottom of the page: ]

-- S. Le Bel

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[so Adachi had just come to realize that a couple people he knew were no longer in the castle. He was debating saying something, journal already open, or leaving it to people who were no doubt closer to them than he was (he assumes)...

When all of a sudden.

Something changes.]


Now isn't this interesting...?

[and what's the first thing a Shadow thinks of doing when he's actually in control?

Stretch these darn legs with your little pet blob Shadow following you behind you of course!]

(ooc: loss start, open like an open thang, over journals and in person.)
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Faye )

--- [Action] ---

[It's beyond irritating. Infuriating would be a better word. The more time Spike gives himself to think about it, the more angry he gets, and the castle turning into a fun house was the very last straw. He isn't just pissed at Vicious returning, but at all the not-so-subtle ways life seemed to mock him at every turn. When Spike heard his old friend's voice, he honestly wasn't sure if he'd been putting on an act to stop him before things ultimately blew up in his face, or if he really wanted to get it over and done with.

If it hadn't been for Julia, he might have.

Spike doesn't say much as the two of them walked down the street, although he's more alert than his usual sleepwalking state. Once he made up his mind to put someone ahead of his almost-constant stupidity, he knew they'd need a safe house. At least until he figures something out. Their choices are limited, and ultimately there is only one place that he can rationalize hiding out in. (Jo really has a bad habit of being hospitable to all the wrong people.)

So, they arrive at some ungodly hour. A time he knows she'll be home.

He knocks on her door.]
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[It had been a good week for the Ghostbusters, so good in fact that they had been able to pay this month's rent 3 weeks in advance, something they hadn't been able to do in a few months; and no one was happier about this success than Peter Venkman. He was currently walking on his way back from the Chinese Food Place on Church Street, Matsu...something, he could never remember the name, but the food was good, and he was feeling generous. With a triumphant shout and a forceful kick, he knocked the door open and practically exploded into the firehouse with a grin]

Hey boys! Food'

[He stopped his sentence with a tentative pause, looking around slightly. This most certainly wasn't the firehouse, it didn't even look like the interior to any building he'd find in New York. His expression changed from one of happiness to his normal deadpan as he walked a little further into the building, looking around in a slightly bemused fashion]

Not too shabby...could use a little work here and there, but I've seen worse. I wonder what kind of distortion or whatever Egon's caused now... and what, do we have here?

[Peter's foot collided with something small, yet solid, causing him to look down as he noticed a decently sized Journal that was just lying on the floor. He looked around a few times, seeing if anyone had dropped it before bending down and picking it up]

Well, no one's around to harm, no foul I suppose. Might give me a clue as to where I am at any rate.

[He flipped open the book, only to find the pages blank much to his disappointment. He was about to close the book before the words "Nothing interesting after all." appeared on the first page, causing Peter's right eyebrow to cock itself as he stared quizzically at this odd book. He would have pondered that for a few seconds more, but it was then that he noticed his arms were feeling lighter than they had been a few seconds ago, and to his immense dissatisfaction, he found that whatever trip he had taken, the food he had bought hadn't made it with him. This revelation left him feeling rather displeased as he tossed the book to the floor before shouting angrily]

Oh COME ON, I paid damn good money for that food!
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[once the usual Monday night music dies down ... your resident DJ starts singing, vaguely off-key ... on purpose.]

♪ Oh, hooh~
Who are the newbies here in Wonderfuck?
Castle Wonderfuck, Caaaaaastle WONderfuck,
Cas-tle Wonnn-der-fuuu-uuuck?
I'll tell ya who the newbies are in Wonderfuck!
'Cuz we got a lot of 'em this week! ♪

A-HEMMMM. That's right, folks, it's time for your favorite prefix to the weekly news! Let's roll out the ol' welcome wagon and say a big Happy Harry Hard-On Hello to Amelia, Declan, Estellise, Jon, Izaya, Trixie, Amaterasu, Jenny, David, Daniel, Rose, Haymitch, Katniss, Sakuya, Rue, and -- and -- okay, guys? Really. Before I get to the rest of the news, I have a serious announcement. We have Butz in the castle. No, really. Legitimately. Some guy named Larry Butz. Once I'm 21, the drinks are on me, you poor bastard.

And hey, let's hope last Wednesday's weird shit really does only happen every four years. I know we've still got a few people who've been here that long ... d'you remember anythin' like that happening? I'd think that shit would be pretty hard to forget.

Sounds like we're gettin' closer to at least resolving a couple problems... but everything's back to about as normal as Castle Wonderfuck gets, I think. I guess in some respects, people are just goin' about the same interpersonal crap they'd get into back home. I mean, one guy's even lookin' for an assistant. If that ain't your thing and you're still lookin' for something to do, go check out Kitty's latest survey. She's askin' about holidays an' shit, and I know a whole ton of you like talkin' about yourselves, so get to it!

Me, I don't really have a ton to say other than this: anyone know how to get mashed banana out of a bowlin' shirt?

[and he won't even try to explain - he'll just spin the evening's musical offerings and leave it at that.]


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