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Celo )

Legato )

Julia )

Sakura & Evangeline )

Are the lot of you going into a lull again? It's far too soon. Does someone need to do something to keep things interesting? This is supposed to be a fun year, you know.
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[Someone's made her way up to the roof again. Her old, constant companion. It's only when Fred steps out onto the familiar surface that she realizes just how long it's been. Since what? That last real fight with Wesley?

Her tin box is still there, stocked with extra paper and pencils and a small hand-held telescope. It looks older than it should, somehow. Or maybe she is just projecting. Maybe she is the older one.

The week away with Harmony had been good, something Fred hadn't even recognized she needed. But there was something to be said for throwing yourself out in nature by choice rather necessity. But it had hurt to see just how much Harmony was hurting, so obviously reeling from her own losses.

Why did they go? When did they go?]

Someday? I'm going to figure out the math. Maybe then it can stop.
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[He sounds oddly tense for Finnick as he speaks in each of the following filters. Mostly because Haymitch is off doing Haymitchy things and someone needs to share this with everyone else.]

All Hunger Games Tributes, Victors, Gale and Cinna sans Peeta )

Gale )

Cinna )

Peeta's friends not including Panem Folks )

[And because he can't help the poke at Haymitch...]

Drunks are horrible traveling companions. [And he sounds oddly cheerful as he says that in an attempt to lighten the mood.] Anyone have any tips on how to keep one happy?

((OOC: Dated to after This but put up today because I don't know if I'll be around tomorrow to do it. Spoilers for Mockingjay!))
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[ The journal hits the ground and flops open amid low humming and the sounds of some sort of moderate sized bird taking a short flight.

The deep humming is a quiet tune of some sort. It could, paired with words, be cheerful enough, the notes being hit probably down an octave from what they should be, but... Currently, it sounds ridiculously depressing. After a moment, the bird shifts and then there's a higher, sweeter humming that most definitely doesn't sound depressed.

Duke stops humming after a while, but Niffel keeps humming at him, and there's the faint sound of cloth against stone under it.

.... Still do not understand.. [ There's some traces of that sadness, but like his voice usually does, it doesn't sound too thick. It sounds less like Duke's talking to himself, and more like he's talking to someone. There's no reply, aside from the continued sweet humming of his pokemon, so.. who? ]

Why? It does not make sense. Is fear that much of a motivator? Are they all so distrusting? You gave your word, I vouched....

had your past actions not spoken enough....?

....Makes no sense...
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UNSC Filter )


Panem Filter sans Clove )


Friends of Peeta )


Katniss Everdeen )


Remind me to never have children.

((OOC: WARNING: Spoilers for "Mockingjay" highly likely in the comments. A result of this log. Peeta is included in all filters Jorge threw up, including the UNSC one, but not person -> person filters.. All of Peeta's threads will be Unfiltered, threadjacking A-OK! Action for Jorge's room on request. Open to non-filtered part!))
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I made mor drawins!

Cut for more kid drawings! )

[Switching to voice (thank god)]

Those round things girls got are real hard t'draw. T'Merciful Goddess had 'em too and ya could see them all t'time. Girls hide 'em here, but I think that's cuz t'Merciful Goddess is special.

I've made so many friends in t'castle! I was gonna draw all of 'em but I dunno what everyone looks like. I tried drawin' Pillow too, but... I think he ate it.

Episode 91

Apr. 21st, 2012 06:22 pm
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[this time the loss doesn't bring an explosion of fury, or an aching emptiness. It still hurts but it's a more resigned kind of pain. Still, it's enough to make him address the castle personally]

Can't seem to make up your mind, can you?
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[For once, Phoenix is cleaning his room.

Yes, he could probably ask the ghosts to do it, but really, he's stubborn and hardheaded when it comes to doing things for himself around the castle. So, he's all decked out in rubber gloves and a mask, and he's busy throwing out the who-knows-how-old beer cans and dirty napkins and other messy odds and ends that he's accumulated since... probably November. With his door propped open by his desk chair, he's depositing the trash in the hall, from where he intends to collect it and dump it elsewhere when he's finished.

His desk has become the safe haven for the few items he wants to be doubly sure not to throw away, and Sunflower--his recently-aquired Eevee--is gently batting around the tiny hourglass he tucked away behind his lamp.

Of course, in the process of doing so, she knocks open his journal. Innocently?

The distant sounds of Billy Joel's "Piano Man" playing over some abandoned headphones at their highest volume might be picked up by more discerning ears before Phoenix's voice comes over the journals.]

--don't know how I managed to get all this garbage in here, really, Sunflower. It's not like I'm a messy person.

[He hauls another trash bag out into the hallway and deposits it there before heading back in to rifle through his desk drawers.]

Oh, hey, Sunflower. Here's that crystal thing I bought for you back in your world... everybody I asked about it said it would make you evolve, or something, but I guess it's a dud, huh?

[She yips in response.]

Dat's okay! Because you're the cutest widdle Eevee there ever was--yes you are!--so it doesn't even matter!

[And he goes on ridiculously baby-talking Sunflower for a few more minutes before returning to his cleaning.]
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[ Throughout the week, everyone who had been invited to Uru's birthday had gotten a note via ghosts dropping in on them at the castle mentioning the party has been moved to the 21st. Nothing has changed; she hopes everyone still brought something of theirs they enjoy eating for others to try!

With that, the ballroom is set up and wide open for everyone. Nothing too fancy; merely some tables, chairs, food and drinks on another side of the room. Maybe you were invited by Uru or came as a plus one. Maybe you were passing by and noticed the room is set up for something. Whatever the reason, you can stop by and make some new friends. ;) ]

[ ooc: let me just get the sections up! okay, everything's good! OPEN TO EVERYONE, so have fun! ]


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