May. 7th, 2012

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[All this talk of princes and princesses has been kiiinda getting on Dairine’s nerves. (Probably because of a certain prin— king, king that she knows.) Luckily for her, the fairytales had ended without her needing to get involved, and thus she doesn’t have to deal with princes anymore.

Or so she thought.

When Dairine wakes up, something feels slightly off, though she can't quite pinpoint
what while still half-asleep. As she rubs her eyes in an effort to become more conscious, Dairine realizes what's different. The regular PJs that she went to bed with have been switched with a long tunic and loose pants made of some sort of silky material. Weird… Must be the castle's doing. But at least she’s still in her room, so finding a change of clothes shouldn't be a problem.

Crawling out of bed, she meanders over to her dresser, opens the drawer, and reaches in to grab one of her trusted t-shirts. But instead of a t-shirt, what Dairine ends up grabbing is another tunic, this time made of light golden fabric. In fact, the
whole drawer seems to be filled with tunics. Fancy, well-made tunics. Bewildered and somewhat frusterated, she mutters to herself.]

Okaaaay, where are my clothes?

((OCC: Loss start! Forward dated to Monday morning (around 8 or 9 am). Dairine hasn't noticed her journal is open yet. Feel free to let her know or to pay her a visit.))
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[ GLaDOS is still not very used to eating. Thankfully, her human body is helping with most of the natural processes, but actually taking a bite out of something edible and chewing it was extremely odd.

So, have the former AI leaning against the counter for support as she takes a bite out of an apple that was in the fridge. Her yellow eyes are constantly scanning the room, and as much as she hates to admit it, being out of her room makes her a bit nervous. She's been so used to just staying in the same place for her entire life, that being a defenseless human able to wander around frightened her more than pleased her. The only upside was that becoming allies with humans would probably be easier if she looked like one, too. ]
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[Thanks to the Fairy Tale Plot, Fluttershy has been feeling a lot braver about herself. So when she goes outside today to enjoy the sunshine, and sees a chance to be brave again, she takes it. The journal is dropped to the ground, so you can hear her discovery.]

Oh, no! What's that poor bunny doing up in a tree?

[She flies up to the little creature, but there appears to be a few snags in her plan...]

Oh, um, please hold still! I'm a friend, it's okay! ... W-wait, my wings, the branches are kind of...eep!

[There's a sickening snap of some branches, and then an awful thud. Fluttershy lays quietly on the ground, but hey, at least she managed to hold onto the bunny and save it.]

((OOC: And she's coma'd for a week, so she can be updated to the end of season 2! So she won't be replying to anything in this post. I'll still be tagging the fairy tale plot, since it's back in time.))
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Hullo, everyone out there in Paradisa! How are we all doing on this fine day? Back in your proper clothes? Got your voices back? Everything back to the normal topsy turvy backwards form of abnormal we've all come to know and love around here?

[He claps his hands together]

Wonderful! Because I've got news that will make it all even better.

[pause for dramatic effect]

I'm getting married!

[another pause]

Well... technically I'm already married, but that one was a bit of a rush. World ending and all that. You know how it is. So! We're getting married again! And you're-- [Wait... he probably shouldn't invite EVERYONE from the castle to the wedding... that's inviting trouble... and River might shoot him. Let's thin down the guest list a tad, shall we?]

Filtered from anyone who has any harmful intentions towards the Doctor, River or any of their friends )

Mark Hunter )

Peeta )

James Watson )

[Those his job for the wedding is done. He's going to go find his wife and see how the wedding planning is going.]

((ooc: Open for journal or in the TARDIS. If you're not sure if you fit the filter feel free to ask!))


May. 7th, 2012 12:12 pm
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You know, that whole week? Annoyin' could've been worse. Still glad it's over.

[a pause]

Anyone know where I can get an axe? Think I've grown kinda fond of 'em.
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So, let's talk Losses. Not the temporary ones, where people go batshit insane for a few days, I'm talking the long-lasting 'permanent' ones that fuck up everyday living. [Right, South, like you need to shoot things every day.] How do you guys manage? Has anyone found a way around theirs?

[So after a visit to the shooting range, South has discovered her Loss effects any firearm in her hands. To deal with it, she's just sitting in the lobby, the most high traffic area she could find, making use of the harmless rubber and foam darts instead of bullets and shooting anyone that wanders through. Sometimes she'll miss on purpose, sometimes make a concerted effort for a clean head shot, but she just wants to have a little fun and perhaps cause a little trouble.]

[[OOC; open journal, open lobby!]]

Episode 92

May. 7th, 2012 06:23 pm
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[at the end of the fairy tale, Rapunzel's hair is cut short. So Peter is very glad when the same thing happens to him. It hasn't been this short in a while but it's much better than the alternative]

Not that I don't appreciate fairy tales, but... I'd be okay with that never happening again.
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[ This isn’t right.

Uru stares with uncertainty into the empty room. Her head is trying to process what exactly is going on. Everything that belonged to either Damian or Dick was gone. Instead of the familiar arrangements of furniture and whatever else is supposed to be in here, there’s nothing. It’s reverted back to a standard Paradisan room, as if nobody had ever once inhabited it. Every trace of proof that Damian Wayne lived here... gone.

She manages to get out her journal, tearing her gaze away from this emptiness. Desperately, her eyes scour the journal, flipping the page slowly at first before she picks up the pace and tries to find his handwriting or hear his voice.

Again, there’s nothing.

She ends up blurting it out without thinking: ]

Damian’s gone.

[ Her heartbeat begins to race. There’s an unwanted surge of emotion in her chest and making its way down into her stomach, but she pretends it isn’t there, because this is all just a mistake. ]

I mean— I can’t find him. [ A beat. ] But this has happened before. His room, it... it was just a loss. It—

[ She abruptly cuts herself off. ]
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[Well, after that crappy and disturbing week and a half, and leaving Faye and Barney to do...whatever the hell they were doing that involved cross-dressing and fairy tales, Crowley decides to check in on one of his favourite people.

Not that he'd admit Newt was one of his favourite people, or that he was even checking up on him. No, this was just a routine call to make the man's life a misery. Getting to his room, however, Crowley notices something rather depressing. He blesses under his breath, clenching his fist for a moment before opening his journal

For anyone who knew him, Newton Pulsifer has gone home. If it makes you feel any better, he'll probably live a life of blissful forgetfulness with the witch he was supposed to be hunting. Or some such bollocks.

[Seeing no point in lingering in front of an empty room any longer, Crowley turns on his heel and heads off to that one place he goes when the rare bouts of homesickness creep up on him. So, anyone around the duckpond today will notice it has one (1) demon, idly throwing bread to the ducks. Once in a while, a duck will sink like a rock, before bobbing back to the surface in a flurry of angry quacks]
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[There's silence for a moment while Jaime tries to decide what to say.]

It seems there are three possibilities laid before me. First, and most preferable, is that everyone around me has gone mad. Second, and admittedly most likely, is that I have gone mad. Third, and what seems increasingly to be the case: I have truly been magically spirited away -- like a little boy kidnapped by a Snark -- to some castle that doesn't exist anywhere in particular, for no particular purpose.

Forgive me if I'm overly talkative. I've been in a cell for most of a year -- rats are not the best of conversationalists.
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[When Conan first wakes up he isn't aware that anything is different until he pushes himself up into a seated position and gropes for his glasses. Not realizing that he needed to adjust for his suddenly much longer reach, he accidentally knocks his journal onto the floor as he overbalances and falls out of bed with a loud crash. After a stunned moment he sits back up and stares at himself in shock. He was in his real body.]

How? The last thing I remember...

[He cuts himself off in shock at his own deeper voice. His real voice. How many months had it been since he'd been able to say anything in it without needing a voice changer?

But... there was no time to marvel in this. Already he was pushing back his shock and realizing the problems he was about to have. He could not let anyone make any connections between Conan and himself. But at the same time, he knew there was no way he could simply hide until whatever this was wore off. There would be questions. Where Conan was. Who he was. The connection between them.

Reluctantly, Shinichi came to the conclusion that he could not hope to handle this himself. He needed to contact his allies and get the stories straight. Needed to figure out how to minimize the suspicions that might come from this.]

Filtered to people who know his secret (And since the Castle hates him, close CR who suspect him can also see it )[After speaking to all his allies Shinichi makes his way to the door and listens to it intently.  Was there anyone in the hallway?  He needed to get out of this room and down to the clinic without anyone noticing.  A new arrival arriving in Conan's room would be too suspicious.  Not hearing anyone, he eases the door open and slips out.]


May. 7th, 2012 07:56 pm
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[You know, there's a lot of things Shaun could say, but for once, he's going to go with a very succinct, slightly clipped--]

Does this place ever become anything even slightly resembling normal? You know, just a bit more sane than fairy tales and sentient marshmallows?

Really, my most incoherent nightmares are less insane than this. Some time away from the weirdness, that would be absolutely wonderful.
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Filtered to Agent York and Delta )


Filtered to Peeta Mellark and Noble Six )


[People outside will see an armored figure slumped against a tree in the sunshine. He might be napping, or awake. Who knows? Who wants to go check?]
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[With all this fairy tail stuff going on, the only thing Goku got out of it was;]

I thought a Golden Egg was where babies came from. Like, when two people love each other real much an' they stay a real long time together, a Golden Egg falls from Heaven an' there's a baby in it.

That's what Ten-chan's story book said.


There's a lotta kids in the Castle. D'ya all wanna play some time? Ken said we could play soccer, an' I would like t'know what that is.
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Things have been very busy.. the last few weeks seem to be a blur!

[For some reason, it seems like she can't really remember all that went on in her life the last few weeks lolhiatus. Still! It was unpleasant that she can remember, despite her missing home terribly and a certain derpy priest. Whatever the fairy tale things going on were, she wasn't involved. And the lobsters disappeared!

Still, she wants to stay in touch with others!]

The season has changed, mostly. The flowers are starting to bloom even more than they did in spring - this place is so green, it's starting to remind me of Rome in the summer.

[Just an observation. She looks uncertain, almost as though talking about home is a guilty pleasure.]

I was wondering .. how everyone is, after that last event that the castle threw at us.


May. 7th, 2012 10:20 pm
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[As usual, Spike had kept his suspicions to himself. It was easy enough to do; the castle seemed hellbent on distracting him from everything that matters, and he was content enough to let it. But he could feel the change as the days passed without hearing from her. Then when he returned from yet another strange dream, slowly but surely, the truth settled in.

For a while he avoided that obvious conclusion. They'd been the same in that respect. As much as he pretended to be hopeful, there was always an unspoken understanding of the inevitable between the two of them. Every botched second chance only drove the point home. A constant reminder of how history is never erased, it only finds new ways of repeating itself.

In reality, Spike knew the room would be empty before he ever reached her door.

Just like that.

In his own selfish mind, he imagined that he deserved this. Reaching back, he could barely remember a time when she seemed happy. Maybe once. The holes in his head dug deeper, and any further reflection only signified how little he'd done to correct his mistakes.

There wasn't much to be done about it now. And he could go along with it, do nothing, which he supposed was what was expected of him. Mourn the woman he never really knew, and wait for the cycle to come around again. If it ever did. Or he could make a last ditch effort...

He smoked a pack of cigarettes and finished off a fifth of whiskey in her name. Then he thought better of it and opened the journal one more time.]

Gren )

Vicious )

ooc: Totally open to action, either in the castle halls or on his way to town, but just a little note that the end of this has been plotted out beforehand. (Brace for some really epic stupidity;;)
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[one would think that Mark would have an awful lot of things to say after spending a whole weekend without his voice - first with a fish tail, and then stuck in a bad 80s prom dress.

one would think.

but then he learned he had a bachelor party to plan, and -- well, there were things he needed to check up on. so ... forgive him if he's a little preoccupied, this Monday evening. to be honest, he's completely forgotten what day it is, after all that time in the dream world. so he'll just put on some music to jam to and throw up a filter]

[Goku, Eleven, Ino, Sakura, Felix, & Maladict]

Hey, you guys notice anything change for the better, recently? Beyond some of us not being stuck in dresses anymore, I mean.


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