Jun. 10th, 2012

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Alright panda! What did you do this time?

[It had to be Po's fault right? He couldn't just randomly end up somewhere that wasn't the Jade Palace on his own...right?]

If it's not the panda...[Muttering, so much muttering.] Master Oogway! Did you do this? Is this some sort of lesson? [Please don't let this be a lesson about the panda. Don't tell him it's about the panda. He's had enough of the panda.


Master? Please?

[A sigh and then he casually picks up the journal as he heads for the door, not exactly paying attention to where it is he is or going, instead talking reading the journal as he does, ears twitching.

A short, big eared panda is now wandering the castle, occasionally muttering into the journal about how things look different.

((OOC: Open! All over the castle, the journal etc. And yes hugging/picking up/petting/etc is totally fine :3))
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Action // Catelyn Stark )

Father // Private )

[ Once she has regained control, she writes a filter to Yuan. She observes the letters she printed as neatly as her handwriting allows.

Then she draws a thick black line across them.

Cair Paradisa )

Belle. Sansa Stark. )

Jon Snow and Robb Stark )
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[There's a redhead in the elevator. Barefoot and standing there wondering when ...]

Phil...? [She turns to look at Phil, but he's not there and the floors have definitely been reduced and renumbered. Plus, the elevator has changed and there's a book on the floor.]

Well, that's not right. [She goes to press the button for the lobby. The doors open and - oh. Nope.]

Clearly, something has gone wrong. Tony? [Where is the call box?] Okay, it's funny, but really what's going on? Is this payback for the elevator thing, because you know that wasn't really my fault. [Seriously. Where is the penthouse button on this thing and how did he manage to build an entire floor that looks like a castle without her remembering it?]

((ooc: step onto the elevator! talk to her through the journal on the floor! All she wants to say is FIRST to Tony!))


Jun. 10th, 2012 11:44 am
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 [Danny had been doing a lot of thinking since getting back to the castle.  People had died, and without his powers he hadn't been able to do anything.  And that was something he just couldn't accept.  It shouldn't have happened.  And he had come to the decision that he could not allow something like that to happen again.  He goes back and forth trying to figure out how to phrase it for a bit, before finally just jotting a quick line down in the journal.]

Let's say that I wanted to learn how to fight.  Like a human.  Does anyone know how I could get started on something like that?

[Later you'll find a ghost sitting on the roof, silently forming ice crystal after ice crystal and stacking them in a small pile.  Bother him?]

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[ Today, the journal is picking up a nice, happy little song played on the piano. And once that's finished, it's picking up a voice. ]

There's a lot of people here that I didn't get to talk to yet.

Hello, my name's Emil! And maybe we should talk about something too...maybe, what's your favorite food?

[ Meeting people is fun, after all. ]


Jun. 10th, 2012 12:07 pm
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I looked at the calendar this morning.  As of a few days ago I have been in this castle for a year.
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[ Every resident of Paradisa with a working radio will suddenly find themselves rocking out to this number.

Just as the song finishes, BAM. Anybody out in the courtyard will see a red and gold power suit landing just outside the main entrance.

It's seen better days, that's for sure. Banged up, dented, scorched… are those laser burns? Either way, it looks warily around until speaking. He's talking through the radio, but an open journal on his person dictates his words through the journal as well. ]

I'm sure I don't have to tell you why this is a fantastically bad idea. I mean, really? Kidnapping me while I'm still in my armor? After I just used it to fight off an alien invasion?

There are bad ideas, and then there's this. On a scale of bad ideas, this one sets the new extreme.

So whoever did this? Consider undoing it.

[ There's a pause, and then he feels the need to add- ]

But hey, nice castle. Very stylish. A little old-fashioned for my tastes. Still beats the last time I was kidnapped, that's for sure.

Oh, and one last thing. Is there a shawarma place around here? I'm starving, and I was really looking forward to it. Really, you have no idea.

This is Iron Man. Out.
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[Time to get this over with.

Steph takes a deep breath before speaking.]

There really isn't any good way to announce this, but... Tim Drake died during the recent--whatever that was.

I was thinking that, while he's gone, we could do something for him. We being whoever feels inclined to join in, whether you know him personally or not. I'm sure a lot of us can agree that death isn't exactly pleasant. It'd probably make things easier for him if he had something he could look at when he got back. Kind words, welcome back wishes, stuff like that. He might not be in the mood to chat when he returns, but he'd at least have notes to read. Seriously, you can just write "welcome back" on a sticky note and that would be good.

I'm going to put a box at the bottom of the Ortus tower, so please drop off things there sometime in the next two weeks. Or just hand them to me--Stephanie--and I'll keep hold of them until Tim's back. I'd really appreciate it, and I know Tim will, too.

[And that's pretty much it.]
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[Sunday evening is probably not the best time to be in the kitchen. There's an energetic, pigtailed cheerleader piling toppings onto a massive sundae, and dancing about as she does so. Sprinkles are beginning to fly. A nearby MP3 player is blasting out some obnoxious pop music, which is definitely getting picked up by the journal. ]

Isn't this the cutest castle? I feel like I'm in Cinderella or something!

[Alex licks a big dollop of whipped cream off of her finger, and hums, satisfied, into the journal.]

Life is just so good!

((ooc: Loss OOC Post))

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Jun. 10th, 2012 08:35 pm
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[Evening, Paradisa! This is the voice of a little boy coming over your journals.

He's talking a little too loud, and hesitantly, like he's not 100% sure how this thing is supposed to work. But he still sounds very calm for a kid his age waking up in a magic castle.]

So, uhh. Does anybody know how to get to Prince Charming's castle from here?

I'm pretty sure I'm in the wrong place.
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I'm so happy that people are back an' safe! Cuz ya all gotta come and say hi t'Konzen! He finally got here!

[He sounds overly cheery, even if the pain from the Doctor's disappearance still hurt inside the little sage.]

He's a god an' he's the greatest person ever! I didn't now before but he's like a dad an' a partner an' all kinds of good things. Even if he yells sometimes.


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