Jun. 20th, 2012

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[ When midnight hits, the change is obvious. People, ponies, no matter who, no matter where, are now somewhere different.

The change, for Twilight Sparkle, is even more obvious.

It's a dark highway, and anybody in the same area would no doubt notice the human girl, a young adult by approximate age, with what might be familiar purple-streaked hair. They'd also probably notice the befuddled expression on her face. Aaaand the fact she's not wearing a stitch of clothing.

Her journal lies open next to her to catch her every word, as is usual for this place, just in case there are people not close by enough to catch sight themselves. ]


What's going on? [ She's down on her hands and knees, and she picks up a hand to stare at it for a moment. ] My... hooves?

I'm.....? I'm a human?

[ The pavement on her hands kind of hurts - hands were not meant for walking, Twilight remembers. She tries to stand up on her feet, but she can't seem to work out the proper way to move from her current position onto her feet. Each attempt ends up with her back on the ground. ]

Ow, ow ow ow...

This isn't working. How in Celestia do you people walk!?

[ Please be helping out a pony. Turned human. Teach her how to walk, or at least stand!

Oh, and tell her to put some clothes on.

Also, feel free to do a general "WTF where are we what's goin' on" since nobody else has done a post for that yet. ]
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[when the residents finally get to the camp, they'll see that a bunch of people with goat feet are waiting for them. Some of these satyrs are shirtless while others are wearing an orange T-shirt with the words "Camp Half-Blood" printed on them.

One of the satyrs steps forward and greets everyone with a relieved smile]

Welcome to Camp Half-Blood! Thank the gods you all made it here safely. For so many demigods to travel here together safely is unheard of! Surely this is a good omen. Please, follow the satyrs as they show you around camp and take you to your cabins.

[go forth and tag! Reactions | The Tour: big house | pine tree | arena | stables | forest | lake | armory | mess hall | cabins ]
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So far there doesn't seem to be any catastrophes going on so I trust everyone is settling in alright. I will ask anyone willing to keep a close eye on things and speak up immediately if something unusual happens. It would be remiss of us to be caught off guard because the setting initially seems innocent.

People she knows and cares for )

[ooc; If you think your character could be on that filter chances are they are. :)]
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Is this another castle thing? We just got home from that terrible mirror place, and now something else happens?

Is it always like this?

....so... um... who is staying in this Apollo cabin? There seems to be a lot of us.
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I don't wanna be in this stupid cabin, or this stupid camp, or a stupid anything. I wanna be with Konzen! He's a real god, not some stupid person that likes goatpeople!

Yer stupid, castle! I hate ya! I would punch ya in the balls if ya had any!

[...he will be ranting for a while. Someone is upset and pissed off to being carted off to Demeter. Feel free to run into angry monkey.]
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[Saints Filter/Esther (separate)]

Requesting status updates.
Requesting locations.

[Duchess Milan]

Status report:
Paradisa is going through illogical changes again. I have been relocated to the camp of Hephaestus and I am referred to as a 'demigod'.

Requesting orders.
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… So this is how it works, huh? [ A small, inquisitive baritone voice is heard as he looks at all the handwriting over the papers. Sitting on the edge of the fountain outside the cabins there is a man wearing his infamous orange shirt for anyone who might be close, concentrated in what he has to say. ]

It seems like I am far away from all that I have come to know. And even do not know everything that is around me. Certainly this isn’t Elysium or the Underworld but neither is the Sanctuary of Athena.

[ Why is he here is something he cannot understand. Why him? Would this be a reliable source? ]

Any information about this place… any detail you may have even if it is irrelevant will be entirely appreciated.

[ If he can find a permanent way out, even better… ]
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[The journal picks up the panicked voice of one (1) baby dragon. He woke up, not only STILL A DRAGON, but in a forest to boot]

Why is everypony talking about a camp? I'm not in a camp! I'm in a forest that's...kind of like Everfree, and it's really spooky here. Is there anypony else here?

...Not that I'm afraid or anything. Because I'm not.

I'm just checking. Because if there are others in the forest we should stick together. Just in case something wants to eat us, that happens in Everfree so many times, man. It doesn't hurt to be safe right?

Again. Not because I'm scared.

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[York, Delta, and Carolina, as well as Noble team(The others were added as second thoughts)] )

... Anyone else run into a familiar face that wasn't at the castle since arriving at this camp?
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[it's the summer solstice and a huge group of demigods safely made it to camp. This is clearly a good omen for things to come. The camp is alive with music and dancing. The satyrs are jamming on their lutes and the tree nymphs come out of the trees to dance. Everybody's invited!

The party will go on long into the night. It's all for you guys, so have a blast!]

[Mingle | Eat | Dance | Campfire ( go tag! and backtags on the tour post are still okay!)]
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{{ Option A: !Action for fellow Apollo Cabin-mates }}

[ Heiji isn't wearing his SAX cap today. He would happily be wearing it backwards but that's not exactly a possibility as said hat is currently in possession of a raven and it doesn't seem like he wants to give it up. The bird is firmly nested atop the hat in the upper rafters of the cabin. ]

[ Heiji is not happy. ]

Oi! Bring that back down here! Yer a bird! Ya don't even wear hats!

[ The bird just squawks ] I paid good money fer that hat! Don't make me come up there an' get it!

{{ Option B: Dictated Journal Post }}

So.. uh.. anyone around tha' knows how t' coax birds down?


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