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[In the morning sun, a horse trots through the front gates of the castle.

Cesare has just cast a look back at the city as he rides out to meet the French king and his allies.

But when he turns forward, he isn’t facing a sea of blue and their fearsome cannon. It’s… a palazzo. But certainly not one that Cesare has ever seen before. It doesn’t even look like anything in Rome. It's enormous.

He dismounts, only to find an open journal on the ground.]

What’s this then, some sort of... French trickery?

[And then… he sees that his words are being transcribed.]

What… hello?

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Cut for TL;DR Tim catches up on what happened while he was gone. )

[Conner Kent] )

[And later after he's had a chance to talk with Conner, he writes a message for everyone else. They'd been worried about him; it wasn't fair to make them wait.]

It's Tim. I'm back.
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A statue. A damn statue.

[Jorge's voice filters over the journal. Looks like someone's de-petrified at last.]

This place really knows how to test someone. I couldn't move for a whole week. And I still feel stiff...
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[at first, there's just the sound of running water and a tap being turned off.

Then dictation, slightly muffled and hesitant, as if she had deliberately placed some distance between herself and the open journal. Which would be accurate.]

I'm guessing not too many spotted the rather resident-ish statues on the camp grounds.

[and this is a grinding pop as she works her stiff jaw, before continuing]

Feels like we changed around midnight back there.

[Sayaka trails off uncertainly, and ends up pausing at that awkward place. Spending an entire week with a toothbrush stuck in your mouth will do that]
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[Someone just woke up a little agitated.]

What the heck, Paradisa! I don't even know where to start, to be honest!

Does this mean we don't actually get to go home? I spent two and a half –– almost THREE –– years believing that after dealing with this place, we'd go home, with no memories, and go on with our lives –– but now I'm being told that we don't?

I have more memories from home, so I went home, but nobody mentioned the part where you end up stuck in an alternate universe with alternate memories and legitimately believe you've always lived there. I've experienced some pretty weird stuff, but this is the most screwed up dissonance ever!

Someone tell me they have some kind of answer to this. Agh!
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[ in addition to the rather messy brown writing, there are also blotches of messy brown... peanut butter? whatever it is, it's the same color as the text. there's also some really shaky breathing getting recorded as well. ]


(ooc: last minute journal switch from "commune" to this one! still me though, just letting you all know. :>)
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[ When Kirby comes to, he's in the lobby, slowly opening his eyes. His entire body felt stiff, and he had trouble rolling to his feet... consequently, his mind felt like it was bogged down, as his thoughts were running through his head like molasses having a race. ]

... Poyo... [ he groans as he rubs his head, trying to remember what had just happened. And all of a sudden, it came to him.

He was unable to move and in a weird place for the last week, wasn't he? Watching the rest of the people he knew mill about? The realization came slowly, like the rest of his thoughts, as he yawned.

Even though he hadn't really done anything, he still felt extremely tired, and his body just wasn't cooperating with him. Kirby rolled onto his back again, his eyes threatening to close as he let out another giant yawn. Maybe if he just napped on the floor for awhile... ]
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 [Safely returned from the craziness of the past week, it hadn't taken Conan long to start kicking a soccerball around.  He always did his best thinking like this.  Ad he had a great deal to think about.

For several minutes there is only the sound of a rebounding ball, as the detective muses over the situation while almost absentmindedly performing advanced trick maneuvers with the ball.  Then, just after he kicks the ball down the hallway with more strength than usual, a door unexpectedly opens.  The ball bounces back from he unexpected obstacle and slams in Conan's face, knocking him unconscious before he has time to make more than a panicked cry.  He never realizes that the open journal nearby has picked up all of this.]

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[If you're perceptive enough, you might hear Tsuna scrambling backwards away from his journal.]

This book has voices coming out of it!! I-is it cursed...?

[...I'm not sorry.]
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[ Anypony who's going in the library today will notice a purple unicorn mare going through various scrolls and papers at a desk. She has a blank scroll directly in front of her, with a quill and ink ready to pen something, but she seems more focused on the papers for now.

Her loss might prevent her from reading through books, but there were numerous documents and document recreations in other formats that she could read. They seem to be mostly declarations of independence and the like, as well as various proclamations denouncing slavery, oppression, and things of that nature.

Her journal's open on the far corner of the desk, just close enough to pick up what she's saying to herself. ]

Okay, Twilight, you can do this. Just take the best from all of these and... write it down. It can't be that hard.

"We, the ponies, horses, and other equines..."

No, no, no. I'm not including myself, I shouldn't say "we." But wait, if I'm writing for them, that would mean I do use we. Right?

Maybe.... [ The sounds of a quill scratching on paper can be heard for a second, then a loud groan, said paper being crumpled, and then thrown into a trash can. That shot's worth two points, Twilight. ]

Maybe I need to get some fresh air. Take some time to think. Then I can come back to this with a fresh mind...

What am I saying? This needs to get done as soon as possible, I can't possibly take that much time away from it! But at this rate... I'm never going to be finished. [ Twilight just faceplants into the desk. That shakes the desk just enough that her journal falls off, landing face-up and still open on the ground. Twilight finally notices it. ]

...There's my journal.

Glad I noticed it. It would be incredibly awkward if somepony overheard me while I'm working on this.... [ She picks it up with her magic and brings it over... and sees everything that's been dictated. ]

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[Now that he's had some time to settle in after the change back to the castle there's something he has to do. So he at first scribbles in a filter.]

[Helen Magnus]

Are you back to yourself yet?

[Because he had a rather interesting influx of just things in his room. And a Purrloin.

But after waiting for a while he went down to her room and discovered why. And then, heading up to his room he took up his journal after settling down back in his chair, pulled over a few letters and sighed as he wrote in a filter.

Nikola, Galadriel, The Doctor, John Watson, Maladict )

[That done he sighs before actually doing what he meant to at first.]

For anyone that knew her, Helen Magnus has left the castle. [He's sounding rather upset as he says it but gets his voice under control. This isn't the first time he's delivered bad news to a large group of people.] Any gifts given to her will be returned shortly.

[And with that he's settling in for a little bit of down time. It's easier to just try and figure this out without people around and how to handle it all and certain things left unsaid and done.]
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[orange, Five decided, was most certainly not his color. but he supposed he could do worse, especially for what he thought was his very first bonafide official Paradisan world shift. he glanced around the area he'd appropriated for his class, benches laid out on the field, a tapestry of various Gods and Goddesses hanging from the branch of a nearby tree. fresh air was best for the mind, after all, and all the better for learning in. he strode back and forth in front of the benches for a moment, deliberating on whether or not to appropriate something to use as a podium, then thought better of it, and cracked open his journal]

Ah, good morning, everyone. This is the Doctor speaking. Those of you slated for my class in Greek History can skip the drudgery of packing any notebooks or pencils or the like, and just meet me out on the lawns. The Grecians passed down their knowledge orally, and I intend to do the same. I'll see you all shortly!

[of course, anyone NOT enrolled in Greek History can certainly come and bother him, too...]
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What is a standard component of ink? Perhaps preferably ink that would be used in majority of books, and a component that would not be present in the paper it is on.

perhaps asking for an ingredient list would have been wiser... [ Someone's tired of the limited braille section. ]

Remask 001

Jun. 27th, 2012 03:56 pm
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Paradisa? Let's you and I have a little chat.

[The following is written into the book. With a soldering iron.]


[And we're back to dictating]

I really hope you feel what these journals do cause I was doing that as hard as I could. But seriously, could you just drop me a quick explanation on what the sweet nugety fuck happened to me between when I left and when I returned? And I mean actually returned, not those last two times that are officially non-canon!

When did camp come into things?! Why was I in a toga for all two (well technically it was one and a half) years of it!? And why was I the upbeat happy protagonist type kid, huh? Good fuck, I'm surprised I didn't sparkle in direct sunlight! Oh wait, can I even say that now? Hey, fourth wall, are you...

[Silence. It dawns on him what has happened. What has occurred. He's been trolled by Paradisa and the fourth wall.]

...oh. Oh I see what you two did. Well fucking played.

Two years, Paradisa! Two! Years! Toga! Camp! Happy fun adventure trio! ...though I did get to see Cassie's ass on a regular basis, which is boss as hell. But then there was no internet, which brings me back to rage! And exclamation marks! And liberal use of a soldering iron!

[Stabby burny! And then a deep breath]

I need a fucking drink.
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[anyone entering the lobby of Paradisa will see a girl standing completely still in the center of the room. She's looking up at the celling with wide eyes, and her hands balled into fists at her side. She seems to be wearing a school uniform... but it's covered with rips, and it seems to be singed in places. The girl is also covered with scratches, her hair is rumpled... It looks like she was in the middle of something major]

Why am I here? [she says it under her breath, as if she's talking to herself. Then she lowers her gaze and finally looks around at the lobby. The open journal near her feet picks up her words]

Tell me why I'm here! Hello? [her voice gets sharper] Hello?

[grr, she looks down at the flow, then up. Waiting around ins't going to get her anywhere, so she starts walking forward. The journal tails her in its own special, castle-magic way, so it can still pick up her muttering to herself]

A castle? It really looks like something out of a fairy tale, but I can't get distracted. I need to find Himari-chan, I need to... [she's cut off by the slamming sound of a door. Yep, she went up to the second floor, and has slammed open the first door that she can find]

I'll figure out what's going on here! I finally figured it out, so...I have to! [and she will proceed to go marching into every room. H-Hey residents of Paradisa, how will you react to this girl barging into your room?]
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[At first, there's silence -- not absolute, but nearly so. It's punctuated, for those with ears sensitive enough to hear it, by faint (if slightly labored) breathing and the ta-ta-ta-tap, ta-ta-ta-tap of fingertips against a surface. Eventually that second noise slows -- tap, tap, tap, tap -- and stops altogether.]

Just supposed to talk, right? Feels like I'm talking to myself. Suppose I'll get used to it. Weird castle, weird things... Suppose I'll get used to that too.

I... [An exasperated sigh, followed by a muttered statement:] Geez self, it's just like talking into your PHS, okay?

I guess I'll skip the "is anyone out there" and the "how did I get here." Probably doesn't much matter in the long run, huh? But I do want to say thanks to whoever found me, brought me up to... well, wherever this room is. Wish you'd stuck around so I could say it in person, but. Well, I understand it, I guess.

Anyway, thanks.

[Pause, maybe he's done? Nope, not quite--]

Oh, and I'm looking for a guy, blond, muscular. Goes by the name of Cloud. Dunno if he's here but... if anyone does, anyone talks to him, tell him a friend's looking for him. I just... I need to know if he's okay.
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Private )

Cloud )


Looks like I'm back, Paradisa. Did you miss me? Thanks to anyone who had to play fill in the gaps with my memory. Seems like it's all back now~

But you know, before anyone asks? I think I'm going with not talking about what happened while I've been gone.


So sorry for any of you who want answers, but I think it's for the best since many of the stories involve an adult fanboy running around in a toga - I'm sure a lotta you will agree.

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[ Though the dining hall is the proper place to sit and eat, Kate ended up feeling too lazy to drag the Pyranees into another room. Instead, she's seated at the table in the kitchen with a bowl of Wheaties and the large dog eating his own food from a bowl on the floor.

She swings her legs back and forth, staring at her open journal. ]

I'm gonna to be here two years on the weekend, but this is so lame; I haven't gotten taller or anything since I came. I'm supposed to be fourteen. How come this place does that?

[ A childish huff. ]

Magic doesn't make any sense.

[ ooc; open in person or through journal. Loss start! :) ]
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So.. Ku-ah-Conan-kun was kickin' a soccer ball aroun' and uh.. the ball hit a door that was openin' an' it came back and knocked him out. [ Watch as he leaves out the part about how he was the one to open the door. ]

An-anyway.. I've administered some basic first aid-but.. I'd feel better if someone with an' actual degree were t' look him over. He's still out cold.
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Strawberries are the best! Especially a whole field!

...that camp would have been so much funner if it wasn't for all the fightin' an' stuff. Why does that always happen?

Everyone's alright, right? Nobody died again?

I kinda wanted to go canoing but I can't swim good so they wouldn't let me. How d'ya learn to swim? Can anyone teach me?

[He doubts Konzen can.]

Oh! Since those guys were half-goat, I made a whole-goat t'join 'em!

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[only a few bars of "Everybody Knows" drift over the airwaves this week, before Hard Harry fades it on out and starts chattering:] Happy Wednesday, everybody. Better late than never, my Dad always said, unless it was about my homework, and then it was "Why the hell didn't you turn it in when it was due?" In this case, Dad, sorry, but I wasn't exactly near a radio at the appointed due date.

So heeeeeeeeey, now that yours truly is back in business, let's give a shout out to this week's newbies: Zack, Ringo, Tsunayoshi and Tavros, and Cesare ... and hats off to the return of Travis, Reno, and Cassie. Not that I, you know, remember any of you. But you left, and now you're back, and that's just fucked up, so the least I can do is give you all the ol' Wonderfuck Welcome Wagon.

As for this week? Uh. Camp. Ugly t-shirts. Giant evil black fucking hellhounds. Which, by the way, aren't jack against a nine-iron. Yes, yours truly actually managed to brain one on the skull without completely flipping his shit, be proud. But now that we've eaten enough s'mores and heard enough on the individual rights of magic horses to last us all a lifetime and then some ... let's talk music, because Jesus H. Christ on a pogo stick, did I miss my stereo.

[he pops a CD in and mashes play] This little number, right here? Found it this morning, and I don't think I've ever heard a better candidate for Bipolar Music in my life. Is it a ballad? Is it an anthem? It can't make up its goddamn mind. I mean, I'd like it if it could stick to either one. It's like the band decided it had two song ideas but only had enough energy to make one fucking song, but it couldn't pick.

So, instead of liking both separate songs and thinking they're okay, I have to sit here and hate the mashup from hell that came out of it. ... It's not the WORST thing I've ever heard, but it's still pretty fucking bad. ... Why don't you kids share the worst thing you've ever heard with Yours Truly? If nothing else, you'll have someone to share the pain.

((OOC: Also, for your edification... a list of CHB plot links!))


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