Jul. 16th, 2012

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[Morning following the Wishitis days, Edgeworth is curled in the foetal position in a torn cot after having his luxurious bed revoked, his voice is slightly strained, and he's still twitching in residual pain...]

Though I can't say I have done so before...
...N-Never...will I...underestimate...the endurance...of a woman...

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[[OOC: ...I don't usually give my male characters debilitating illnesses...
...but when I do, they're menstrual cramps.]]

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Well, I did try to warn some of you that magic always comes at a price. It was only a matter of time before something like this happened. Maybe after this incident you'll be less inclined to just wish everything you want into existence because it's the easiest way. Be glad you don't live on my world, you'd all be up a creek without a paddle surrounded by ravenous crocodiles and perhaps a few rabid sharks by now.

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[A certain monkey has spent the weekend in bed with a headache and stomach pain due to the wishing he's done. Books, paint, Konzen's desk... food. He's done his fair share of wishing over the year.]

...I didn't know people could get sick from the wishin'. I'm never wishin' again!

This is stupid. The castle should say that we were wishin' too much instead of making ya ill.

[Because he feels too icky to play and is too conscious to not be bored.]
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...I'm so sorry that people are not feeling well.

[Konoe's wishes are pretty much narrowed down to that bucket of catnip THAT HE IS SO NOT TALKING ABOUT EVER AGAIN. So that only gave him a twinge.

However, when you have the magically transferred extra emotions of another cat in you that pretty much makes you a walking empath radar, all these upset feelings are kind of like massive tinnitus.

...and then there was the fact that people were sick that was kind of freaking Konoe out. At least body parts weren't randomly disappearing on people.]

I've heard something about a Dead Zone. How do I get there?

[Kitty wants to sleeeeep.]

t h r e e

Jul. 16th, 2012 07:24 am
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[ Man, is she glad that she not once wished for anything since getting here. And this? It's only making her belief that wishing for things is not a good idea grow. Magic always comes with a price, right? ]

I wasn't keen on the whole wishing thing to begin with, but after this? I'm definitely not making any wishes. [ She says this now. But if Henry was in trouble? She'd likely break her word in a heartbeat. ]

--Ah shit. [ Chicken soup, it is serious business. Especially when you're making it for your ill kid. And boiling soup is not at all kind to her fingers or mouth. Stupid soup.

But hey, she is doing pretty good for someone who hardly cooks. Never mind that the kitchenette of her and Henry's room is a little messy. ]
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[Today Felix is in town, resting on a bench at the edge of an open-air market. Carts full of produce and flowers circle a shady square on the outskirts of the city. It's a nice find, though admittedly not what he'd been looking for. Served him right for going off the beaten path. He always got lost.

The slight headache he'd all weekend had abated this morning, but not with leaving the reminder that since Dextera's departure, he was shy the extra hand he'd gotten used to. Now might be a good time to remedy that.

He opens up the journal, filling it with the ambient sound of chattering voices before he speaks up

Well, this weekend was certainly an education, wasn't it? One I'm sure a lot of us won't care to repeat.

With that in mind, I have a small job available for any young person in the castle who may be interested. Small things, mostly - light cleaning, pet-sitting, running errands...things of that nature. I prefer not to rely on the ghosts. You'll get an allowance of caisos paid out of my own income. Less wishing for everybody involved.

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Jul. 16th, 2012 11:30 am
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[Filtered to Tony Stark and anyone else familiar with advanced technology that would not use this information for harm]

I've been talking to a few people about this--this change with death and how the bodies don't disappear any more, and how if you destroy the body it hurts the person coming back. So I was thinking, in my time we have what are called cryosleep chambers that we use on long space flights. Essentially, they keep a person alive but in stasis until we reach our destinations. It's no big deal, I've been in cryo dozens of times. Anyway, I was thinking something like that could help preserve the bodies, and if they do start showing signs of life the chambers can be calibrated to wake them up and let them out right away.

Would any of you be willing to help me build something like that? I have the schematics already.
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[A small explosion filters over the journal, followed shortly by a splash of what looks like hydraulic fluid over the page.]

Aww jeez....not another one! Why's everything I'm trying to put together exploding or falling apart? Mark II? See if you can lock some of this stuff down. Looks like you're all I've got left for now.

[A robotic chirp serves as confirmation, and the squeak of wheels as Huey's lone robotic helper scurries away to try and contain some of the chaos as more things explode and spontaneously fall apart.]

Is there some kinda...I dunno...thing happening with the wishes that I missed out on hearing about? I've been kinda...well...kinda drowning in my work here, so if anyone's figured anything out, I've missed it.

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I learned my lesson.

[ Kitty was actually shocked when she woke up this morning and her stomach-ache had gone. All that wishing for food (especially the snacks) bit her in the butt. And not just that, but it was mostly the food. And snacks. She hadn't wished as much lately after learning some cooking but... sometimes lazy teen struck ]

If Piper were still here she'd probably say "I told you so" and she was right, wishing is not good. [ Pause ] How many people will actually stop wishing? Especially completely? What if there's something you need and it's not in the castle or town, would you just go without it or would you hope that the castle doesn't bite back?

I probably can't say that I'd stop wishing, not completely. [ But she'll definitely try and cook more, yep ]

Is everyone okay now?

[ Bonnie ]
So the castle's magic and that was it's consequence. Have you ever had anything like that before? Your magic isn't wish-y but... it's magic? [ Nosy Kitty go ]
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[Howl has been all over the castle today... residents may have seen him poking about nearly every fireplace or chimney he can find, as if looking for something. He's in the kitchen now, opening the ovens as he talks.]

It looks as if the castle has a bit of a temper. [He laughs a little, but it cuts off somewhat abruptly.] It's not a wise idea to play around with magic if you don't know how it works. It can only lead to trouble. [And he should know.] Thankfully, I have my own resources, and I'd be happy to offer my services to anyone looking to depend a little less on our mercurial host. ...of course, I'll have to find supplies, but there's a town out there, isn't there?

[There's a creak as another oven shuts, sounding further away, as if he's set the journal down and forgotten about it.] Not here either. Blast.
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My temper is wearing thin. I admit, I wished for a rather substantial pile of books and a few other small items, such as a spaciotemporal wave gauge. Still, I think this dizziness, combined with the loss of my compressor is a bit uncalled for. The castle brought us here against our wishes and we have few other means of retrieving many items we would normally have access to.

Don't gloat, Doctor. I well remember how to build a compressor. I won't be lacking for long.
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[Yeah Moriarty has basically abused the hell out of the wish system during his stay here, because hey what sort of chump does things for themselves?

Unfortunately "Jim" technically isn't here so his karmic wish backlash falls on Richard Brook here.

And boy does he feel rough.]

Does...anybody have an aspirin or something?  It's just I'm getting the most awful of migraines

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A-Ah! Hi, everyone..!

[Despite all of the craziness of everyone running around sick, or finding strange things, Esther seems mostly ok! She's more worried than anything else, worried about all of the other people in the castle who seemed to be suffering. Surely there had to be something she could do more than just watch everyone else!

Still, she's not entirely sure what that thing is..]

I hope .. people are starting to feel better. And if you're not, I was just wondering.. I don't really have anything to do during the day, after the chapel is all cleaned up, so I thought that perhaps--

[She's kind of fumbling here.]

If you wanted.. if it wouldn't be too much of an invasion of privacy... I would be happy to try and help out, if people needed some help. Or just someone to talk to, or to take care of them while they're ill? Nothing is worse than being sick.. and alone..
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[That done, Haymitch has escaped to the roof, staring out at the wide expanse of Paradisa before him. Beside him is a map he'd found in the room with his name on. The filthy room that stank of booze (he didn't understand what the deal was with THAT, either). There had been something marked on the map. A way out, maybe. An edge. He looks at his journal again, unsure, before dictating into it]

So. Do you people just chose to stay here when you can walk out into the big wide world? I don't get why you say you're trapped when there seems to be so many possible escape routes from this place.
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[If you are outside this fine evening, you can see two figures off in the distance approaching the castle. They are women of noble dress, riding two valiant steeds with a certain sense of presence and command... though really, the steps do seem to be carried with a bit of lightheartedness as well.

The older woman stops her horse, however, narrowing her eyes and pulling the reins so that she may survey the scenery before her.]

Odd. I don't recall any sort of castle for miles-- least of all one that would present itself in the time of a single afternoon's ride.

[The younger red-haired lass halts as well, though her eyes widen instead of narrow. She blinks a few times, very owlishly, a grin breaking out over her expression.]

Another kingdom, mum? [By the looks of it, she's not too keen on sitting still and is already moving to set her horse in motion.] Well, come on, let's go have a look!

[To which the older woman follows along, albeit a little slower.]

Tread carefully, Merida. I've the feeling this castle isn't nearly as abandoned as the last one we've stumbled upon.

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[when Hard Harry fades out his usual theme song and pipes up over the airwaves, this week, it's almost impossible to tell he took himself out of commission last week. almost. if you're not listening close, it IS impossible. but to those who know him well? he still sounds a little off, a little muted. the friendly sarcasm is definitely back in his tone, though...]

Okay, newbies, listen up. That's right, I'm talking to Natsu, Clow, Jake, Muraki, and Troo ...

Take a good look around, look at everyone else, all us veterans sitting around moanin' and groanin'. I could have had a nice, long rant all worked up and ready to unload on you, but ... I've got a pretty good feeling I don't even have to fuckin' say it, this week. If this week's message hasn't come through to you loud and clear, you might want to go back to whatever clinic lobotomized you and get the pieces of your brain back.

[he'll kick back in his chair, crack open a Pepsi decisively, and just push play.]


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