Jul. 30th, 2012

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So we are back after a rousing family reunion. I cannot say I have had any such thing back home. [Mostly because it's impossible. The thought makes her swallow hard. Having the weight back on her shoulders is debilitating. Especially since she was free from it for a week. It was like how things used to be, another life. Literally.]

I hope those in House Stark are suited well again.

[Dictated and Locked to Tony Stark]

Mr. Stark, I would appreciate a word if you are not busy. There are things you are privy to that I need to explain. Preferably in person. My thanks.
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Huey )

[Outside near the forest under the unforgiving summer sun, Django is tinkering with his motorcycle, journal nearby but closed to filter out the noise]

Alright, that should do it...

[He turns it on and revs it, but it sputters and starts to smoke at the engine. He quickly turns it off, then opens the journal.]

Anyone... happen to have a solar powered engine they can spare...?


Jul. 30th, 2012 03:25 pm
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Jobs. Houses. Anyone wanna give me the run down on how to get either?
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[Galadriel] )

[A letter addressed to Rhonin.] )


A question, if you will: how many of you have devoted your lives to education or academics? The subject matters little, whether it is medicine or magic or literature. The distinction between teacher and student does not concern me, but you may state it if you wish. I have found that people with a particular thirst for learning enjoy the company of others, but are often too remote to communicate without prompting.

I will volunteer first. I have studied magic of all kinds on Azeroth, either to control it or to subvert it. I have mentored in the past, but I am not the finest teacher nor the wisest.


Jul. 30th, 2012 05:07 pm
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[Phoenix was whistling when he'd headed to Geoff's room, big goofy smile plastered onto his face and ready to share his good mood and maybe a few drinks with his dearest friend. It wasn't until after he'd knocked a couple of times that he noticed the missing nameplate.]

...oh, no.

[He tries the doorknob, finds it unlocked; when he slides into the room, everything is dark and bare, save for a few piles of personal belongings and a catlike Pokemon asleep amidst them all.

For a long while, Phoenix just stands there in the middle of the room, staring blankly. In some way, distantly, he's sure he's lucky--he's been here for eight months now, and this is the first time he's had to say goodbye to someone he's been very close to--but that thought isn't really helping. Looking to distract himself from threatening tears, he begins examining what's left behind in the abandoned room, and soon notices a stack of letters nearby. It doesn't take long for him to skim the opening note and sort through each of the labeled messages until he finds his own.

After he's read it over many times, he softly repeats the words he'd spoken to his friend that difficult night more than a month ago.]

Geoff... you still have people here who care about you, and you always will.

[And then, with a resolve that doesn't quite make it to his wavering voice, he cracks open his journal for the inevitable.]

Geoffrey Chaucer went home.

There's some stuff here. I guess we should divide it up, or something. And he left... there are letters. I don't even know some of you, but here are the names on the envelopes:

[Silence and a written list follow.]
Martel, Wesley, Ashura, Dairine, Del, Felix, Mark, Crowley, Fred, Nora, Cole, Gwaine
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[ A very, very irritated voice is coming from the journal this afternoon. ]

All right. Everybody, pay attention!

If anybody met me at that family reunion, you need to know this. I. Am. Not. Ten.

I'm over six centuries old, and I'm one of the world's most feared and most powerful mages. So whatever you learned about me that week, forget it.

In fact, let's just all pretend that thing never happened!

[ Rin ]

Not a word.

[ Legato ]

Not a word.

[ And then the entire House Sage ]

[ Hrrrrngh... this is the filter she doesn't want to make. But she's at least honorable enough to give it a mention. ]

I... suppose I should at least say a word of thanks. For looking after me while I wasn't myself.

That's all you're going to get.
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filtered to aradia's cr; backdated to before the family plot )

I Wish To Apologize To Anyone I May Have Bothered Last Week Especially Regarding The Matter Of Cleaning Bathroom Fixtures Meant For Bodily Excretion
This Is Specifically Directed To Those That Belonged To My "Family" Which Still Seems As Foreign Of A Subject To Me As It Did Before I Became Acquainted To You All
We Dont Have Aforementioned Familial Units In My Culture
Anyway I Will Still Maintain That Cleanliness Is Key For A Productive And Successful Living Environment

By The Way Nora I Finally Had A Chance To Finish The Novel You Recommended To Me
The Book About The Two Zombie-Murdering Human Females Who Did Not Possess Flushed Feelings For One Another But Rather Two Males
It Was Alright
Please Let Me Know When You Select Another Book For Your Club

*((OOC: sorry for the backdate! didn't have time to make a post before the family plot. rl struck. ♥

also shout-out to reno lololol))
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You know, I guess I shouldn't be surprised that the castle managed to make you all think you were related. I mean, one of the last things I did before I got here was fix a few mess ups involving Cupid's arrows. And believe me, there's nothing quite like seeing a group of Hestial virgins chasing after a warlord's army to convince you that magic is a pretty powerful thing. Not that I didn't know that before, but you get my point.

What I want to know is who thought they were related to the ponies? [And if you think you can hear her smirking? You are right. This is kind of hilarious, okay?]

Log 082

Jul. 30th, 2012 08:40 pm
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[Filtered away from those who would use this information for harm]

As some of you may recall, there's been an expedition planned for some time now. However, between rapid world changes and the recent silence of its proposer, we've yet to set a date for departure.

The destination is a place on the map called Lastlook, of which a painting was found in the room hidden deep in the Insolitus. Aradia Megido has been organizing this trip, but another troll [she didn't catch your name, Kanaya] informed us she was quite unconscious. Should she not regain consciousness soon, I'll be happy to take over whatever organization she has already planned. The trip is expected to take two or three weeks, as much of it is to take place outside the powered zone. I would strongly recommend bringing a mount on this trip, and as it appears to be a, er, seaport, it wouldn't hurt to have some skill with watercraft as well.

If anyone has any questions, I'll be glad to answer what I can.
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Phoebe and Willow )

I've just realized... I'm past my one year of residency here in the castle.
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Why did we go to a kamp agin? We did that alredy!

But now every one was famly, so I gess it was diffrent. I kinda liked it but it was reel hard to remeber who was part of what famly. I got reel confusd!

I think all of Parasdissa is like a big famly, tho. We kids shuld play more!

I'm gona build a pilow casle in the loby later and all kids shuld come and play togeder. I think that wuld make us all happyer.

I'm riting this be cuz I havnt done it in a long time and Konzen will yel if I dont study.
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[She'd seen a lot of reactions from the latest event Paradisa put them through, but kept her silence, for the most part. Family was touchy, even and especially for her. Sure, she did want to cry or be angry over having a family she would never have back home. But this isn't home, not really. And being angry is really starting to look like running from the main issues, something she's getting tired of doing.]

Maybe...maybe it's not a bad thing we all thought we were related to each other in some way. I-I mean, out of all the things and ways for our memories to be altered...this was far from the worst. Being happy with people here, it wasn't so bad. I've never--I only really had a little sister, and my cousin...along with all my other cousins. So having siblings...it was nice. In a different sort of way.

[She pauses, uncertain and losing her train of thought. Those relationships, they are ones she'll never have back home. Being able to smile so freely, and hugging. It would never happen in her family. And yet, even now, it still made her happy to think about.]

I...I suppose what I am trying to say, is that... Yes, it may be different from whatever our family situations may have been like in our worlds, and we all may have thought we lived different lives, but... We all had each other. And so, it really couldn't have been all that bad, could it?
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[A family. She'd had a full and happy family for that whole week. Sure it wasn't perfect but no family is. Her family back home hadn't been anything like that. Sure, they'd loved each other but she'd spent most of her time working or watching her younger brothers and sisters. She couldn't remember the last time she'd been able to just spend time alone with her mother or father. It was a glimpse into the lives that most people here at the castle must have led. And she had to say, she was starting to better understand why they were so shocked when she told them about her own life.

But there was one thing that this whole ordeal succeeded in doing better than anything else - it made her
incredibly homesick. She's spent the better part of the afternoon sitting on the grass under a tree in the garden playing with her necklace. The woven grass braid's slipped between her fingers as she runs her thumb over the carved wooden pendant, thinking about the last time she saw her family.

Whether it's the wind or some trick of the castle her journal blows open in time to catch her whisper]

It's not fair.
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Private/church filter )

[Feeling like some of the weight has been lifted off his heart, Connor stands, pulling the journal out of his pocket]

I need a drink. Anyone who wants t'join me can meet me at Caritas. First round's on me.

((OOC:  (backdated to the day after the plot) Open over the journal or at Caritas. DRUNKEN SHENANIGANS AND BAR FIGHTS ENCOURAGED!!))


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