Nov. 3rd, 2013

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[Blues had just plugged himself in to recharge as much as his faulty power core would allow for the night. Shortly after the little robot's sleep mode had started up he was quite suddenly ...Transported out of his room and the castle entirely.

There is now a very prone and lifeless form laying out in the grass. A little "door" on his chest hangs open to reveal his mechanical innards. Every now again sparks will start to fly out from some of his parts that have just never quite functioned properly.

Anyone want to try and start him up again?]
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[You know what? Equius was beginning to dislike the tower.

He had just settled in for the night, which was already quite difficult without a recuperacoon mind you, in his room that had just been completely repaired from its previous scuffle. And now he was wide awake.

Because he wasn't in his room anymore, or the castle for that matter.

Nope, he was somewhere in the town, minus his glasses and shirt which were most likely still in his room. Surprisingly, his journal was still with him. So there was that.

There was not much to it. The castle had messed with him once again and Equius was angry about it. Resigning himself to it with a sigh, the Troll started walking through the town and back to the castle. His grumblings, which were quite loud, could be heard through his journal.

Of all the things to happen.... of horse I would be included in the shenanigans... The whole thing is so ludicrous, a proper castle should be built in its place.... Maybe with explosives.
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[Filtered to any medical personnel who know that Conan is Shinichi]

[Dairine tries to keep her voice steady, but her panic creeps in the further she goes.]

We have a situation in Conan's room.

Please hurry! Conan is in pain!
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[ Sion wasn't in his room - really, he had a more interesting place to be. That library had so much information in it. And the journals-

So when he found himself sitting outside with his journal open (to a long ago entry, even), pen and a completely normal notebook in hand, that was a bit of a surprise.

Judging by current entries - and the noise that he was hearing even without it (What made that? He's going to have to find out soon.)- he was lucky to find that his room was in the same place.

On the other hand.

"Stained Glass Reflections"? That's a bit rude. I don't have any stained glass.
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[The sound that followed was the sharp staccato bark of an XBR55 Battle Rifle. A series of hots followed by a paused and then another shorter series.]

This nameplate thing is pretty fucked up, so I've removed it and marked my name in my door my own way.

If I find out who did this I'll mark my name in them, too.

[The strong tang of rifle fire filled the hall, thin plume of smoke curled from the barrel. Anyone meeting her in the hall or passing later on would see the name plate, until the castle repairs it, riddled with bullet holes; below it in large bullet hole letters read TEX.

Someone has impulse issues.]


Nov. 3rd, 2013 01:06 pm
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[As much as he's been attempting to induce his own coma lately, Spike may have slept right through getting transported outside, if it weren't for the crowd around him. Honestly, if they were being evicted, all the castle had to do was send a letter. Once they were somehow allowed inside, Spike naturally went back to his room where certain important belongings were stored. Only it's... totally empty. No nameplate. Almost creepy.

(Why does this feel familiar...?)

Too impatient to figure out the latest Castle mischief after the ordeal he went through on Halloween, and maybe after hearing some gunshots from someone even more impatient a few floors down, he opens the journal.]

... There's a trick to this, isn't there?
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This is ridiculous.

[The journal has opened in a moment of frustration. Sherlock much preferred the (mostly) empty tower, where he could do what he liked and people tended not to bother him. The idea of being cramped in close quarters with all these people he doesn't like is repellent to him.

That, and the fact that because the door had changed, he'd lost the marker Del had left for him years ago, the one that made him easier to find. A purely sentimental reason, and one not worth talking about.

He needs to find his room, find his things, and move them back to where they're meant to be. (Though that will prove more difficult than he anticipates.) It's the nameplates, though, that he's struggling with.]

They aren't even names. Is this supposed to be a game? It's not the best you've ever done, Paradisa.


Nov. 3rd, 2013 03:59 pm
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 [After searching every room in the castle, Danny had finally found a nameplate he was almost sure had to be his. It was the only one that mentioned ghosts, anyway.  But he had no idea what the rest of it meant.]

Um, so.  Question.  Can anyone tell me what a Schrodinger is?
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Son of a bitch, I hate this goddamn place! Where the fuck is my room?!
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[It took him some time to locate his room after being dumped rather unceremoniously outside. Not that it was the first time he found himself there in his long nightshirt and nor, Felix was certain, was it likely to the last. He had been dubious after perusing the odd titles on them, but the door marked 'Lord Wizard' was unmistakably his. It felt strange to see the phrase written there. He'd hadn't actually introduced himself as much since a few months after his initial arrival. He wondered if the castle was trying to suggest he revisit the strategy.

But Felix was not terribly in the mood to do as the castle wished.

After clothing himself properly, and performing another search of the now-empty towers and determining the new location of his headquarters, much to his chagrin (as poor a Cabaline as he made there were certain thaumaturgical advantages to it's location at the top of a tower that he would not deny), he returned to his room and addressed the journal as idly checked to see that everything was in place

While I dare say it's about time that the castle decided to address me properly, I don't especially appreciate the relocation.

Although for the rest of you complaining so loudly, at least it didn't see fit to dump us outside in three feet of dead leaves for a few days like it did last year.

Chimera members )

Crowley )

[Meanwhile, he starts pulling clothes and things out of his wardrobe. Feel free to catch him at it. His door is somewhat ajar]
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[This bloody castle was slowly but surely getting on Aaron's nerves. The other day he was forced to dress up like a cowboy and tonight he woke up outside of the castle. Naturally he was quick to find his way back to his room. The trouble was where. He didn't find it where he first looked so he had to go and search around for a bit. His mood was quickly decreasing with every step he took.]

Bloody castle... can't even find my room. [Annoyed grumble.]
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[The Once-ler has been surviving the loss of the people he loves by burying himself into his work. By hiding away and ignoring everyone. Remaining in his nice, safe tower, away from the residents, away from everything.

But now he's standing in the hallway of floor five, staring at his new room. He knows it's his room, not only because he woke up in it, but because of that horrible, dreadful phrase in place of his name. He remembers that conversation only too well. It haunts him even now, after over a year of living in this place.
Which way does a tree fall? The way it leans. Be careful which way you lean. The Once-ler hadn't been careful. And he'd fallen completely the wrong way, and taken everything else with him in the process.

He's already tried the tower, of course. It's empty, gutted, his safe haven completely wrenched away from him. He exhales, staring at that phrase again, his little UNLESSES already carving their way into the wood beside it, making matters worse. He knows one thing is clear, he can't stay here. Not like this. So, he picks up his journal, moving to sit just inside the doorway, his long legs curled up in front of him as he rests the book on his knees]

Anyone know if the town has any empty rooms right now?


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