Nov. 20th, 2013

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[There's the sound of pages turning, not from the main journal, but from one a short distance from this open one. Crowley has to wonder how many residents still even HAVE an old journal. Not many, he bets. Really, it doesn't bother him as much as he should, his newly found factoid. The passing of time is of little consequence to him. Still, it should probably be said, so after a moment, he deigns to speak]

It managed to pass me completely by, but I've passed the five year mark, living here now. Small change, really, but still something. [A few more pages turning] I think I'm the longest serving resident here, now.

...Thought I'd at least get a little trophy for that. Perhaps a commemorative plate. But nothing. Way to be cheap, Paradisa.
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Oh, this is very clever.

[And the level of sarcasm in that statement could take down an elephant]

I suppose this is my punishment for not leaving well enough alone? Point taken. I'll stop meddling. Now if you could just make me resemble the housekeeping staff a little less, I'd be grateful.

[There's a pause, and then a muffled curse as he realizes that was public]

I suppose pleading with vaguely malevolent magic castles doesn't work, does it?
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Hello to all of our new faces- if we haven't spoken before, let me introduce myself. I'm Dr. Keller, and I run the clinic in town.

I'm looking for help again, if anyone is willing. If you don't have any previous medical experience, I would be willing to teach the basics- I don't have any magical powers, but I can do the non-magic stuff, and anything heavier than first aid would likely be handled by myself or Dr. Tam. A set of hands that can come around once a week or so and clean and straighten my files would also be deeply appreciated.


Private to Conan Edogawa )
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If my calculations are correct it should be coming near a holiday for my adopted culture. It's one that I think might do us all some good this year.

The United States has, among their historical glassing over of events, a tradition of gathering for a feast and giving thanks for things they have. I know this year here has been full of challenges both good and bad for me and I would like to extend the invitation to all of you to join me in thanks for a the best of my ability to obtain since I can't cook anymore.

[Yeah, thank you for that loss Paradisa, dying on the Event Horizon wasn't bad enough but she couldn't use anything more than a microwave since then.]

Stark Tower will be open to residents, all are welcome on November 28th; food drink and hopefully good company will be there.

Also.....If you are interested in cooking, or wishing up food it would be appreciated.
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So after our little romp through the 'good old days' I have to say that everything I thought about ancient Earth was pretty much right.

No amount of spin will ever make me admire people who shit in their own water supply.

[Filtered to Tucker]

Hey, I need a hand with something.
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Thank you, castle, for confirming for me that despite what people say about it being the height of culture, the Renaissance actually sucked. Hopefully whenever I leave here, I’ll remember this lesson. That way if I ever suffer temporary insanity and become desperate to wear old-fashioned clothes again, I’ll know not to waste the energy on traveling back in time. The Renn Faire is a much better option. More freedoms, clean water, and less risk of being burnt alive.

Also, after this trip? I think I'd use their smelly Porta potties any day.

[Filtered to Friends and Acquaintances]

On a better note, my sister is here! Yup, in case you hadn't guessed, Nita Callahan is indeed related to me. She's still pretty new, so I'd appreciate if you try to make her feel welcome.

[Her voice becomes dangerously cheerful.]

Oh, one more thing:

Be nice. Or I'll make you wish that you did.
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[Written in very neat script:]

Now that things seem to be what passes for normal once again, I feel a need to ask a question.

Do 'hangovers' normally feel as though your head might split in half?
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The Renaissance, huh?

To hell with it.

[He could be kinder about it, but why?]

I would've used magic on all of them and been labeled a demon.

[With pride. Lots of it.]

I've met some narrow-minded idiots, but they take the cake.


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