Nov. 21st, 2013


Nov. 21st, 2013 12:22 am
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[  It's been a few weeks since Meg deservedly kicked his ass and dragged him to a prison cell. He's not really had much to do with his time aside from a little light mediation and gathering his thoughts. Oh and that nice little getaway to Florence the castle recently gave him.

He'd have said thank you but he woke up back n his cell the moment he returned. At least he got to spread his legs a little.

Today however he is back meditating. He's sat on his bed crossed legs with his eyes closed and taking the occasional deep breath. It is helping to keep his mind clear. The negativity and hate he's been gathering recently has started to clear ... at least temporarily. Silva feels a lot more mentally coherent.]

Meditation is such a fascinating and useful art form. It is still as useful today as it was back in the 5th and 6th centuries in Taoist China and Buddhist India.

What other art form can bring such moments of enlightenment and peaceful calm to a person? I personally feel it is something that people should partake in more often. Just take twenty minutes out of the hustle and bustle of your day to sit ... take a deep breath ... and just relax.  It can offer us a place of refuge mentally  where there are no expectations that you might find from work, family or friends, no pressures to weight us down ... just acceptance

You'll be ... amazed at what epiphanies can happen to you when you do.

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It was pretty amazing being in Italy. I wish Frank and Hazel could've been with me. I bet they would love it... And they'd probably fit in a lot better, too. I didn't get to spend much time with the Romans before I came here.

I really miss them. I hope they're both doing okay.
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Private to Felix Harrowgate )
[ That completed - or not, since so much rested on Felix simply knowing what Ashura meant, but he had not the strength to spell it out in flowery language - the king returned to his book. But, rather than being in his room, he was ensconced in the library, near the fire place, which kept merrily glowing in part thanks to Ashura occasionally feeding it some extra power. 

He was flipping through a large book that detailed Italian Renaissance fashion, art, and court life, and also delved into the religious contexts of the time. One might think he would stay away from such things given what had just happened, but his curiosity had only been piqued. It was an intriguing time, if you discounted the terror instilled by men of the Christian faith. He was sincerely glad it had never appeared in his own time... ]

What an intriguing place Earth always turns out to be when we are made to visit. I think, for the first time, we were sent to a world about as extravagant as I am. I admit I almost miss the dresses I was afforded there, but I much prefer my people's robes. 

[ He is going to politely ignore the atrocities witness and delivered, because sometimes that's what you did. You cut out the bad, remembered the good, and moved on. ]


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