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[ Silva has reached a decision ... he has spent long enough here.

The people have had their two cents with of justice. He's had time to mull over what he has lost and what he needs to do now. Although his next move will require some more research.

James and Mother might be gone, but that does not mean his purpose in Paradisa has gone entirely. He's rather grateful in a way ... he has focus now thanks to some people.  A focus on something other then his need to get revenge on mother.

He gets up off his bed and slowly makes his way to the cell door. He's been watching ... waiting for a quiet moment.

He reachs inside and takes out his prosthetic jaw ... pain shooting through one side of his face as he does so. With a grimace of pain he adjusts the false jaw slightly and removes something from the base of it ... a wire.

A wire he is now using to pick the lock of his jail cell. It's not long before he suceeds ...

Silva sticks his jaw back in before allowing himself a little chuckle and a sigh.

Enjoy your empty cell guys.]

ooc: Open for anybody to find the cell empty. Silva will respond to any taunts but not till he's far far away.

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[Have the noise of an animal growling in agitation. A wolf. And if the sounds of fabric tearing in the background are an indicator, a very annoyed one.

She knows that it's beneath a Spartan to show agitation like this, but she's not one. She's just an animal for now. One currently trapped in a room. Give her a bit and she will remember that with time, she can get the door open. Doorknobs just are much easier with thumbs.

Six turns her attention to the journal, scratching the page. She's not thinking enough to try writing in it or communicating rationally.]


Nov. 30th, 2013 10:18 am
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[When Tim first donned a mask, he would often use it as an escape mechanism from his civilian life. As time went on, he also began to use his civilian life as a way to escape from his Bat life. These days, there haven't been too many reasons to wear a mask. The few times he has, the situations never resolved themselves in a way he found satisfactory.

Fortunately, he does have another identity here to turn to; Alvin Draper. Thinking about the year he has spent here, celebrating his first holiday with his father, and the life he has left behind is easier as Alvin Draper than it is as Tim Drake.]

Thanksgiving this year was different. Like, really, really different. At least for me, anyway. I mean, it wasn't different in a bad way--just different. I'm used to spending it at home with my family, loading up with turkey, and then playing video games until I pass out from a food coma.

This year, I spent it with my girlfriend and friends. It wasn't the same as back home, but it was still fun. The turkey I made turned out pretty good, too. There's barely any leftovers, so that's a good sign, right?

I have a feeling I'll be here for the rest of the holidays. Are there any Paradisa specific holidays that are celebrated here, or unique ones from different worlds?
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Yeah yeah, I know that Thanksgiving thing was a couple days ago, and I still don't like the fact that you guys are eating innocent creatures --but the whole point is to be thankful for somethin', right?

Well, I'm thankful for the grass under my feet and the flowers that bloom in the spring and the people that keep the world clean. [What else were you expecting, Paradisa?]

Alright, your guys' turn. I don't care if you said it the other day, tell me again what you're thankful for.
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(Please Fill Out)

Time In Paradisa:
Single? (Circle One): Yes | No
Favorite Sport:
Interesting Hobbies:
Are You A Vampire? (Circle One): Yes | No | Not Yet
Are You Any Other Kind Of Mythical and/or Magical Being? (Please specify):
[Gnomes Need Not Finish This Survey]
What Are Your Thoughts On Silly Things:
Where Would You Take A Girl On Your First Date:
Do You Have A Car? (Circle One): Yes | No | I Own A Robot Or Other Cool Machine (Please specify)

Thank You In Advance For Your Participation!

[Mabel's noticed that it's almost December, which usually brings an abundance of... affection. She's being proactive about her prospects this year. She will respond to anyone that fills out this survey.]
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Well. That was an annoyance.

[Even if you did not recognized the voice of Zoey she sounded very annoyed or a tounch of angry.] It looks like I missed some sort of a holiday while I was... occupied. What was it? Some sort of holiday from someone's home? Or was it just something celebrated at the castle?

Anyway... does anyone here know of someone named Gold? I've been checking any public replies on the network for anyone from my world and I found that he was a trainer.
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[Vicious rarely addresses the castle at large, and certainly not so close together, but there wasn't much else going on, and his favorite pastime was on hold until he'd healed up better. So why not relieve some of the boredom by poking at the residents?]

Did you enjoy your archaic holiday?

[There'd certainly been enough chatter about it, even if the Castle hadn't done anything to actually promote it]

I wonder what you could have found to be 'thankful' for.
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I don't get you. One day the castle's full of shit, and the next we're tapping along into the holiday season?

[She didn't miss a Thanksgiving, not really. Even if the months were slightly skewed, she still had them. Last year it was at home, with her sister, when the world was still right-side-up. This year it was here, with people she never should have met.

In the heat of the moment, maybe the return to normalcy was reinvigorating, uplifting, all those bullshit words people fed her when she was still safe behind Crawford's barrier. But in the end, all it lifts is her bitterness back to the surface.

There's a pause. It's not like the castle has thrown anything at them that's any worse than she's already seen. It's the dichotomy that's making her head spin. She's either committed or she's not, this halfway stuff is exhausting.

Her pen loops on the page, not bothering to disguise her handwriting.]

Who exactly are we supposed to be thanking?


Nov. 30th, 2013 08:13 pm
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Sisters )

[Vereesa has seated herself beneath a tree where she has been writing in her journal. The chilled wind doesn't seem to bother her, a blue cloak wrapped around her, and she has little regard for her surroundings.

But she's not so distracted that she won't hear anyone approaching.]
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[Rise had planned to go to the Music Room today. She hadn't planned on opening her journal once she got there...

It just happened that Souji's room was on the way. She'd never gotten a chance to really perform for her Senpai, so she was going to invite him to come along and see her practice. Just him, this time. She wasn't ready to perform for the whole castle, or even some of her closest friends, yet. Maybe not even Alex.

But his name was gone. Yukiko, Chie, and now Souji...

She'll see them again. No matter how many friends she loses, no matter what the castle does to try and mess with her head, she's never lost that hope. She will never lose that hope. But it's starting to feel lonely here... lonelier than she ever thought it could feel.

Maybe she'll go visit Alex again later. But for now...]

Hey, everyone. This is Rise Kujikawa...

... I'm not even sure how many people here know me anymore. Some of you are really precious to me... and a lot of you I hardly know.

[There's a long pause before she continues.]

I was going to share this with someone really special. I guess he's gone now, but...

... I decided... I'd share it with everyone instead. I might never perform here like I did back home, but I still want to do what I can! So I hope everyone feels a little less lonely after tonight~! Because we're all here together!

[Her song is hardly polished. She's out of practice, and performing a cappella, at that. But she manages to bring an enthusiasm and energy to the song that she honestly has been struggling to hold on to in everyday life. For the sake of everyone else who have lost a lot of people over the past few months.

If she can just make one person a little happier, it'll be enough.

She won't notice if anyone walks into the Music Room until she's done performing... and anyone who does will see her performing simple choreography along with the song, her open journal sitting on the piano where Mitsuru taught her a few basics on how to play. Facing where she met Ib trying out guitar, and where she performed for Elizabeth during her loss. She never realized how many memories were in this single room alone, before today...

When her performance is done, she'll quietly sit down at the piano, facing her still open journal. She reaches out to close it, but hesitates. If anyone wants to respond, or even visit the room, she'll gladly welcome the company. Because she doesn't want to feel alone, either.]


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