Jan. 11th, 2014

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[ Speaking has never held much appeal for Effy, when there are so many more fascinating ways to communicate. Such as by tapping this message to the journal: ]

-.-. --- -- . - --- - .... . .-.. --- -... -... -.-- .-- .... . -. - .... . -.-. .-.. --- -.-. -.- ... - .-. .. -.- . ... - .-- . .-.. ...- . -... .-. .. -. --. -.-- --- ..- .-. --- .-- -. .--. --- .. ... --- -. --- .-. .-- .. ... .... --- -. . ..- .--.

. ..-. ..-. -.--

[ All you need to know is that somewhere in there, the message says come to the lobby when the clock strikes twelve.

Those who refuse the invitation may find their sleep rudely disturbed by the sudden blaring of the most tasteful music. The castle does have a way of tuning out noise from certain rooms or allowing the sound to carry even better. But those who do come will find Effy swaying messily to the music while completely missing the rhythm. Occasionally she laughs to herself, high as a kite and dancing to her own boom boom.

Care to join her? ]

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As of this month, I've been here a whole four years. I am oh-so-slowly creeping towards my mid-twenties in this place, after arriving here as a teenager. Joy. I should be done with college--but instead I am here, living in a world of magical castles and weird crap.

It's not all bad, don't get me wrong... but, you know. Stuff. Things.

I'm not going to mope on here too much, 'cause believe me I could--I'm pretty sure freakin' Crowley has me beat when it comes to time here, though that's not really comforting--but I am going to be in the kitchen. I'm wishing up all the cheesecake I want because I want to abuse the system.

Have a good night, Paradisa.

[That's an invitation. Sort of. Either way, Stephanie Brown is currently sitting in the kitchen in a purple hoodie and pajama bottoms, a good dozen assorted cheesecakes sitting on the table in front of her.

Oh, and a gallon of milk. She's just drinking it from the jug. She'll share, don't worry.]
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[ The sound of a heart monitor seems to come out of nowhere, at the same time an Englishwoman's voice does, her hand having knocked her journal off the bed in her sudden awakening. With a rushed gasp she speaks before her eyes even open, for any who might already be in the clinic, but open they do when she suddenly is unable to finish her prayer. ]

Lord God have pity on my—

[ A gurgle and cough is all that follows, then more silence outside of the heart monitor as Anne takes some time to realize where she is, one hand over her throat. She's confused, but says nothing else for the moment, gaze slowly lowering to see the journal on the floor.

Stretching to lean down, the woman flips the journal shut so all sound on her end is ceased, then hangs her head and clutches the rails on the bed with such a force her knuckles turn white. She must request her clothes proper, to get out of this hospital gown and to brush her hair, but first she must allow her memories, both of home and of here, to properly blend again.

Anne makes sure there are none else in the room before allowing herself to silently cry, though the door is not fully shut in any case. No doubt the ghosts have been taking care of her this far, she can only assume. It is fitting, now that she is one. ]
[ ooc; Open for anyone in the clinic and over the journal, but she won't respond over the journal until she's back in her castle room. ]


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