Jan. 12th, 2014

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[ Good afternoon, Paradisa. Today, you might hear yourselves a bit of musical rendition. 

There would be a few tones of someone whistling, and a few seconds after it finished, a bird's sweet little trill followed in the same tones. This would repeat until they had completed a song that bore some resemblance to a children's cantrip, and a clap of hands. ]

Very good! Oh, I have missed your singing voice!

[ There is a little chirp, followed by two different barks, and that seemed the signal for their to be quite a bit of fussing, moving noises, and after a bright chirping, quiet. 

The quiet was caused by Ashura heading out and towards the gardens so that Bacon and Agni could come and play, and on his shoulder, perched  and snuggling up to the fur of his robe, was a beautiful green, yellow, and blue bird. It chirped and twittered, repeating the musical rendition from earlier, Ashura every now and then adding his own whistle to it as he followed his playing pets. ]


Jan. 12th, 2014 02:26 pm
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Good morning.

[It's a little after eight in the morning, and a cheery voice can be heard dictating to anyone who might be listening - and mostly likely a few people who would rather not be listening at all.]

I have a proposition to put to you, an offer of employment, as it were. I require someone to act as a guide for me, six days a week, from eight in the morning until nine, and then six in the evening until seven. I feel that for two hours work a day, that fifty caisos a week should be adequate compensation. Though, now I come to think about it, it's interesting...

[It's a rule of the universe that whenever someone says 'now I come to think about it, it's interesting' that whatever follows will be distinctly uninteresting. The level of how uninteresting it is, is determined on a scale where things such as names1 and occupations2 were taken into account. Aziraphale ranked a four on this scale, having a very interesting name and a very boring profession.]

In a place where we can simply wish for what we need, including more money, the notion of compensation through monetary means becomes almost null and void. In a society where money loses all value, surely a fiscal system of trade becomes more plausible? Exchanging goods and services for things that others own, or can do, in return. Perhaps remuneration for such a position would be better offered in barter, though what could be given in return would surely depend upon the employee's own needs and wishes.

Ah-- I'm sorry, I got a little distracted, what was I saying? ...Oh yes! If you are interested in the position, please come to the lobby any time this morning for an interview.

Thank you.

[And, true to his word, Aziraphale has set up a little table in one corner of the lobby with chairs either side to represent a proper interview situation.]

1. The information becomes much less interesting the closer to the end of the spectrum where Nigels, Cecils, and Eugenes reside.

2. Similarly the information tends to be less interesting if the speaker is employed as a chartered accountant, tax specialist, or nutritional expert. Or TV presenter.

A demand

Jan. 12th, 2014 10:00 pm
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Banner. We will speak. I shall await your presence first floor kitchen.


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