Jan. 14th, 2014

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[ A small test done with, Sion turns his attention to the journal, and this time the castle's occupants. Never mind that it is definitely dark outside. Exactly how late it is, Sion isn't really sure. ]

Out of all the technological advancements I can hope to see come to pass, I think I have found my favorite. [ Anyone familiar with ball point pens might recognize this noise. He isn't clicking rapidly right now, more of a marveling click, click! ]

These are fantastic. No more ink pots[ click ], which generally manage to make a mess somehow. [ click ] Of course, there's no sometimes hilarious ability to shoot ink at someone else's face either. [ click ] No need to sharpen a quill, and I can just pick up a different pen [ click, click ] if I want a different color.[ click ] I haven't managed to make it blot messily, the way pens occasionally do when you leave them sitting [ click ] still for too long.
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[In everyone's life, no matter how much you try to prepare, timetables get messed up and things end up being delayed. And in Sheena's case, it's the delivering of Christmas presents. She had known she'd be around for the event this year, but somehow, she had still managed to miss the day!

While she tries to figure out how, she's rectifying that situation with a personal delivery of all the presents she had gathered for Danny, Uncle Ashura, Crowley, Spike & Ein, Duke, The Doctor (5), Galadriel, and Once-ler--with the addition of packages of home-made goodies for everyone. With the packages carefully packed into a couple of sacks to carry them, she looks like a purple-clad Santa walking the halls as she either leaves the gifts by peoples' doors (in the case of Galadriel, hopefully without being seen or heard--she's a little intimidated by the woman and the aura of wisdom surrounding her), or hands them to their recipient upon encountering them.

There is, however, one person who's not where she remembers him being, and as she stands in front of a no-longer-booby-trapped door, she pulls out her journal hoping to contact the room's former resident.]


Once-ler? Are you there?

Look in the bag... )

[ooc: Feel free to find her leaving the gifts or run into before she has the chance to. Or reach her over the journal during her wanderings. All the gifts will have a card stating who they're from, except Galadriel's.]


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