Jan. 16th, 2014

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[It's been quite a long time since he's done this, which comes with it's own bit of regret. He'd been so caught up in everything the castle had thrown at him he had ignored his responsibilities. Granted, they were responsibilities he'd given himself, but there was no reason to pretend they didn't exist once he'd started, as easy it was to use Chimera as an excuse for dinner parties, which wasn't to say that would stop him in the future.]

Fellow residents, I will attempt to take up as little of your time as I can, but I would like a few moments of your time. If you do not yet know me, my name is Felix Harrowgate. I started a group here for magic-users I call Chimera. I assure you there is nothing sinister in the name. It is namely metaphorical for a number of reasons I will not bore you with in detail, but in short relate to our functions which are research and, when needed, defense of other residents. If neither interest you, we can at least offer you a certain amount of camaraderie of a peer group.

[Dictated away from the Fifth Doctor]

I bring this up now because it's possible one of those final conditions has arisen. If anyone here knows the Doctor, specifically the one known as Five, it appears he's been overtaken by some type of loss. He is clearly not himself and possibly dangerous to others. I cannot be certain what the cause it, but possession has been a problem here before. If anyone has an idea or has encountered him recently, I would appreciate you coming forward.

Current members, please weigh in with any ideas.


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