Jan. 20th, 2014

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[As the leader of a rather infamous hacker group, Masahiro has always known that he'd get himself into trouble one day. His tendency to poke his head where it didn't belong has made him more than a few enemies, after all, and he's no stranger to being kidnapped. That's why, when he wakes up in a room that is definitely not his own, he isn't surprised. He's alarmed, yes, and afraid of what's to come, but given his reputation, he can't say it's unexpected.

What is unexpected is his realization that the doors are unlocked. Upon exiting his room and being greeted with the gigantic hallways of a castle, his mouth drops. Wow. He's gonna need a smoke for this, assuming that whoever brought him here was kind enough to leave him with his possessions.

Masahiro reaches for his pocket, and sure enough, he finds what he's looking for. However, he also finds something he wasn't expecting - a small journal.

Huh. Maybe there's a message for him inside.

When he opens it up to flip through the contents, though, he's met with more than just text - he's met with an array of voices. That's... new and interesting.

Well, assuming that this place is bugged and his kidnappers are observing him from afar...]

A castle and a talking book with my name on it, huh? Pretty elaborate. It's a lot better than the last kidnapping attempt, I must say.

[The sound of turning pages fills the air, and an appreciative whistle can be heard.]

Someone must have put a lot of effort into this. I suppose I should be flattered, but this entire thing seems like an unnecessary amount of work for a small fry like me. Why go through all this trouble?

[There's a temporary silence that's broken by the soft flick of a lighter. When he next speaks, his voice seems somewhat muffled for a brief moment.]

If this is about Algon Soft, well... I would hate to disappoint, but I thought we'd already established that this method was no good. Sorry, but you won't be getting your gun-type PC back this way.
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 [The Lorax has been pretty quiet lately. He's just been going about his business as a guardian. Anyone who's ever around where the tree is has probably seen him watering and talking to it. It's his job, after all. Especially since the kid left.

Today though, a few shaky doodles of 
these things appear in the journal. They look like a five-year-old drew them but hey, he's never been an artist. Just trying to make a point. After three or four scribbles, he speaks quietly.]

What do you think makes these special? [pen tap on the journal for emphasis]

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[The fourth floor is foggy tonight, the air dense. Floating debris trails from the inside out, accompanied by a musty, earthy scent that will begin to creep through the cracks of doorways along with visible and thick clouds of spores. In good time, each room will fill up -- the hallway outside is worse for it, dark and especially dusty. Visibility has been compromised.

Something big is stirring. The host site staggers down an aimless path, unaware of anything but itself, for now. The sounds it makes are inhuman, as if each heavy step causes it to choke out a steady string of hellish growling and grumbling. Fungal plates as thick as armor are growing all over its oversized body, a body that has expanded over time and looks like a thing that is rotting on the move, chunks of infected flesh dripping off its bloated frame.

Whatever it is, it is very alive.

At the first hint of noise or stirring nearby, this thing will charge. Many residents would be wise not to approach it, but it's not going away until someone puts it out of its misery.]
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[The journal falls open to Tucker's coughing as he wheezes in the spores, accidentally knocking his journal to the ground.] Goddamnit ... this shit's not cool. Why in the name of fuck is the ventilation system not fucking working ... probably that crazy ... Mara ... bitch.

[Another wheeze, and the sound of Tucker opening the door.] Aw man! It's worse out he- what the fuck?! WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT THING?! Aw shit! Sword! Sword! Where the fuck did I put my sword?1


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