Jan. 22nd, 2014

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[ Vanyel has been careful to take himself away from people for this little experiment of his, not wanting to have someone accidentally get caught up in it. Not that he wanted to hurt anyone, really, but accidents happened and the rooms in Chimera were a bit to small for what he was attempting to work with. At his feet stood a book - well, several. Some with pictures, some with words, and one being the journal, carefully read and figured as he looked at the dummies he had set up in a circle around himself. 

He took stock, like he was sizing up enemies, glancing down at the books at his feet before bracing himself. Air whistled between his teeth as he took a breath, gathering his magic...

And lightning lanced from his hands, bolting out towards the dummies he had set up. The first bolt hit his target, but the second went past, singing the ground it struck. Good thing he had come out here then. 

From far off, though, it would like bright flashes of lights, lightning to close to the ground, but controlled - and no storm in sight. ]
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[Bruce is in the labs, trying to do research on the bloater creature. He managed to get some spore samples, once the bloater was gone. He's hoping some people show up for treatment, so he can get more samples. Unfortunately, he falls asleep (or maybe falls unconscious) in the middle of his research. When he wakes up, something is definitely wrong. He feels heavy and bulky, in a strange way. Looking down, he feels a wave of horror. There's no mistaking the massive green body he's looking at. Somehow, he's become the Hulk, but retained his own personality! Carefully, Bruce finds and, with a bit of fumbling, opens his journal.]

Um. I have a problem. Somehow, I've become the Hulk, but mentally remained myself. I'm trying to do research on the bloater problem, but I don't know if I'm going to be able to operate lab equipment in this form. Hulk is massive! So, uh, don't be alarmed, if you see a large, green creature roaming the halls. ... I apologize, if I accidentally break anything.


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