Jan. 24th, 2014

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[ The last few days have certainly been busy and exciting. The Mara however has kept a lower profile, keeping to the corridors and dark alcoves of the castle, watching and listening to the populace. It heard screams the other day and that was indeed beautiful, but why should anyone rest just yet?

Since early this morning, the Mara has been busy however. A discovery on the second floor gave it an excellent idea and it put that into action. Stepping into room 205 the Mara fiddles with the radio equipment found in there. Beside the radio the Mara has the Doctor's journal open and ready. It wouldn't want anyone to miss all the fun after all.

Good morning Paradisa. Wakey wakey now. Rise and shine.

[ The Doctor's voice comes over the radio and with it, a high pitched whine. ]

My, my, is that feedback? Let me just fix that.

[ The whine increases in volume and pitch and some might wonder if that was done on purpose before it slowly silences. ]

How are we all doing? Recovering well from our visitor? Time to welcome some more do you think? I'm so glad you agree. I've brought some friends along to join us, they were so lonely left running around the town and unable to join in when the castle has such rich pickings. Please do feel free to welcome the rats. They should be with us, hmmm, 'round about now. Let's hope you didn't leave out too much food. They might out stay their welcome.

[ Sure enough, on each floor there is a cage and the latches spring open on timers. Around thirty very lively rats will run out of each cage. Residents might want to think about tucking their trousers into their socks if they wear that type of thing. If they don't... Oh dear. Either way the announcement is followed by a drawn out chuckle from the Mara, pleased with itself at the little jape. The radio equipment is then switched off and the Doctor's voice carries through the journal for the remainder as he leaves the room. ]

I'm sure that will put a smile on your faces, but I bring you another gift. It has not bypassed my attention that there has been a measure of fear and sorrow and I, the Mara, wish to relieve you of that. I bring to you a new order by way of you taking the mark of the Mara to become like me. Give yourself over to temptation, pledge allegiance to me, forget your thoughts and allow yourselves to come into a new age, a new beginning, a new rule.

Why don't you come and find me.

[[OOC: open for dictation or action. Feel free to come across him almost anywhere in the castle if action. :) ]]
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[Anyone whom opens their journals will find dog spit seeking through the pages as Aaron's dog Clyde got hold of Aaron's journal. Aaron's is not that impressed either. He's currently (on some location) attempting to wrench the journal out of Clyde's bite. The dog thinks they're playing and pulls back against him.]

Drop it Clyde, drop it. Bad dog! [Aaron lectures. Clyde finally let's go so that Aaron can get back the dog spit drenched journal. With a grimaces he opens it.]

Sorry about that. Don't know what have got into my dog lately.


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