Jan. 30th, 2014

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[It had taken a few days of researching before Felix was relatively sure of how the situation had to be handled, and after the incident the day before, it became clear that stalling any longer would only lead to people getting hurt if the Mara felt more ambitious in it's pranks.]

[filtered away from the Mara/The Fifth Doctor]

For the safety of everyone, I believe it's time we dealt with the Doctor's loss before it gets even further out of hand. For anyone that wishes to assist, come to Chimera headquarters in room 529 as soon as possible. Bring with you a mirror or any sufficiently reflective item. I am planning to lure the Mara to the room, where I have installed some magic items - the crystals Phoebe left us - to hopefully trap him there. According to our research, showing it it's reflection will force it out of the host, where it can properly be dealt with. Stay in the side room until the trap activates and be prepared for a fight.

[filtered to the Mara/The Fifth Doctor]

I have what you asked for. Please come to room 529 and we can speak...privately.
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[Rinzler lets out an audible rumble of annoyance into the journal. The noise and fuss of the holiday are starting to irritate him. Especially now that he's seeing the lion dance in the halls of the castle.]

Users celebrate too much. Why two new years? One should be enough.


Jan. 30th, 2014 10:52 pm
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[ He awakens in his room suddenly. A whole host of memories flooding his already fragile mind ... the moors, Scotland, tracking her down like a wounded animal to the church. And then ... he died. But how?

Wait no, there was a knife to his back wasn't there? yes and a figure standing there bold as a lion. However no matter how hard he tries Silva just can't remember who it is. The memory is all blurry.

But what did it matter? M was clearly dieing ... no person could survive with a wound bleeding like that. It was over.

Yet there's also a hollow feeling inside ... it's not the victory he had in mind. Silva lacks the satisfaction he's desired for so long. He curses under his breath.

And then another thought occured to him. He'd died here in Paradisa too, at the hands of Meg Masters. Well that had been annoying ... and he'd work so hard to turn her human too. At least he''d gotten the satisfaction of leaving a little insurance policy here. Maybe he should search the network to see if it caught up with her?

He lifts himself off his bed slowly ... dieing twice has somewhat took it's tole on him. He addresses the journal network.]

Could anybody be so kind as to tell me the date today?


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