Jan. 31st, 2014

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All that clamor from the lion dance prancing down the halls should be enough to draw attention to the party, even without actual invitations. If not the noise, then perhaps the delicious smell wafting under every door and leading back to the ballroom.

The castle is vain, if nothing else. It has decorated the ballroom in the deepest red and brightest gold with auspicious greetings in the common language tastefully posted about the hall. May your happiness be without end, one says, while another goes May all your wishes be fulfilled. Small order, all things considered.

Round dining tables (with the turning glass part) are set up in the middle of the hall, each with about ten chairs and piles of food fit for a whole village. There are two more lion dance teams hopping about the hall and making a racket while occasionally nabbing that dumpling straight from your chopsticks. That should the least of your concerns, however, with many residents still aiming to settle their grudges before the new year.

Watch your back.

[ ooc; IC mingle log for Lunar New Year plot, feel free to make your own threads! ]
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I'd like to note that I'm looking for a decent hand to hand sparring partner. Preferebly strong enough to properly train with a Spartan, but if need be, I can hold back.

The last thing I want is to get rusty, adn I know my teammates wouldn't let me live it down if any of them showed up. If you're interested, let me know.
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[It's with a dark sort of humor that Elsa muses over how thankful she was that the creature she had run into a week prior had not torn off her dominant arm. It means she's not left even more useless than she is now. And it also means she can pen a note that she's been meaning to get out for the past few days, but with the lingering haze of pain and medication - and her sister's near-constant fretting - she never got a chance to until now.]

To those that helped me early last week, the hooded man and the clinic worker;

I cannot thank you enough for what you have done. The both of you saved my life after I was disfigured by that grotesque creature, and comforted my sister when I was unable to. Let it be known that the Queen of Arendelle is in your debt, and it is a price I know I will not be able to repay easily. If you are ever in need of my services, please, do not hesitate to call on me.

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Jan. 31st, 2014 02:40 pm
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[Wade flops down on the bed, letting out an obvious sigh of aggravation]

Ok, that's it. I am done. I have been cleaning for, like, two days straight. I am exhausted and I can't possibly scrub this tile any whiter.

I just want a drink and to smell something that isn't soap or bleach...


Jan. 31st, 2014 08:47 pm
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[River's perched on a high wall of the castle, knees pulled up and her arms wrapped around them, her journal open beside her. She's at least five stories up, and she's looking over the castle grounds, taking it all in. She leans her head back and closes her eyes, feeling the breeze on her face. She's sure she won't fall, but it may not be so obvious to anywhere else.]

As close to the sky as I can get here. Reminds me of home.


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