Feb. 6th, 2014

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I just want you to know, whoever you are... you're a total dick.

[Church is currently sitting in a jail cell in the castle basement.   Doing penance for a crime he insists that he didn't commit.]

Hey, I don't suppose there's any chance for room service down here? 

((ooc:  For those of you who are friends of Meg, have fun with her accused killer... he's not going anywhere anytime soon.))

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So. Three years, huh.

[There's a rustle of fabric, and some of what looks like dark purple fingernail polish drips onto the page. In the background, something that sounds a bit like cavemen trying to sing rock music can be heard.]

I mean, it's kinda like the longer you're stuck in this dump, the less you miss other stuff. It sucks, but it doesn't hurt as much, you know?

[She blows on her newly painted nail, ruffling the journal a bit.]

Like, if someone plopped me back in New York right now, with all my memories, it'd just be weird. I wouldn't know what to do. Go to school? Make sandwiches? Like, how do you even talk to people you haven't seen in that long?

And it's so stupid that none of this even matters. I mean, as soon as this piece of crap dumps us back there, the three years, or however-many-years, are just this big waste of time. So why even do anything, if you're gonna go back to being sixteen and even more useless one day?

[The nail polish bottle makes a glass clink as Alex puts it down on the floor, and reaches over to turn the volume up on her CD player. Sorry, residents.]


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