Feb. 10th, 2014

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[Aaron had taken the last few weeks to reflect over the bloater business. His bravado may have hold up at the time but by now it was crumbling. He couldn't push the sigh of that monster out of his mind. He could deal with the human kind of monster but that thing was something else, taken from a zombie game or a horror film.

But as usually he tried to deal with it on his own. Which only meant that instead of talking about it, he let it build up inside and tear him apart. A very inefficient plan.

In all of this however he remembered Tucker and how harsh he had been to him. He was still upset over putting his his own life at risk just to have that bastard run away. Sure he saved someone else and that was something he had to consider. Things were coming to its edge today as he walked around the corridors. On his way he spotted Tucker and perhaps the man also spotted him. Aaron was still upset at him for what he did. It wasn't fair but Aaron wasn't always rational. But Tucker had become a mate and he was slowly working his head around to make things up. There was nobody here for him, nobody to get through to him. Despise it all Tucker had shown kindness to him. He was a mate and Aaron felt that maybe, just maybe, he could bring himself to apologize for his earlier behaviour.]

Room filter, directed at Tucker )

((OOC: feel free to run into Aaron in the corridor.))


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