Feb. 16th, 2014

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[Bruce Banner went to sleep in his own bed, feeling only the vaguest sense of unease. He is never truly comfortable in the castle, knowing the games the castle likes to play. Holidays, he has learned the hard way, are worse. He's not exactly planning on fasting on Valentine's Day, but he is going to keep his food plain and simple. Of course, it won't surprise him, if the castle decides to spike the water.

What Bruce wasn't expecting was to wake up somewhere other than his own bed, but that is exactly what happens. Sitting up, he sees himself surrounded by forest and...not alone. Moaning, Bruce draws his knees to his chest, covering his face with his hands, while massaging his temples. This is just so not good!]

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[Meg sits up in bed gasping for breath. She had tossed and turned for the most part, only having minimal luck in the wee hours of the morning, zoning out enough to focus on a pleasant dreamlike vision for an hour or so. That is, until she was yanked back to the reality of hellish hallucinations... and a bed that shouldn't be quite so cold.

He's not always there in the morning, but this... this feels wrong.]


[She cautiously steps out of bed and looks around their room. Both of their clothes from the night before were still strewn across the floor where they had fallen as they stumbled into bed together.

She whips open the door violently with a flick of her hand, and to her horror, the only name on the placard is her own.]


[The strangled cry and the sound of Meg collapsing to the ground sobbing is muffled, but likely audible to some. Far more pronounced is the unmistakable sound of glass shattering and crashing to the ground, mingled with something like the crackle of electricity.

Some minutes later, she gets up and staggers back to bed, picking up the open journal lying at the foot of the bed with shaking hands and shrinking back against the pillows. Another choked sob escapes her, and her voice trembles as she speaks.]

He's gone. Cas is gone.
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[Nita awoke in a room in that was completely unlike the undecorated castle room that she had gone to sleep in. It was...space themed was totally inadequate to describe it. It made it sound like a child’s room, but it most certainly was not.

The furniture was sleek and modern, but not in that intimidating, untouchable way. It was crisp and clean, but comfortable. Best of all, though, was the walls.

It wasn’t just that they were painted with stars. It was that they were painted with an extremely detailed view of the stars from Earth. Even the ceiling was covered in near photographic detail. It was a delightful impossibility.

It was a little thing, in the long run, but it was nice to see the castle doing something relatively harmless. With a little laugh, Nita uses magic to draw a bright growing line between a couple of stars- the first line of a familiar constellation. Then she flips open the journal.]

Hey Dair! You gotta come see this.

[And later in the day, when Nita has a moment of her own time, she opens the journal again and writes a quick filter.]

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[Tim stares at his journal for awhile, contemplating all of the different things he has read and said in the past year he has been here. It still boggles his mind to think that he has been here for that long. So much has changed and yet there are other things that have remained the same.

When he had first arrived, if someone had told him he would still be here a year later, he would have been defiant and ignored them. These days, he's more comfortable with being here than he has ever been, and he's not sure how he feels about that.]

I remember last year's Valentine's Day was an introduction to how crazy this place could be. I think this year's Valentine's Day definitely one upped last year's in that regard. Hopefully, nothing toocrazy happened to anyone.

[All of that being said, there was one good thing that came out of all of the shenanigans from last year...]

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