Feb. 19th, 2014

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[Dairine wasn't exactly looking forward to Valentine's Day. She had never been particularly fond of the holiday back home, not seeing much point. If she liked someone, wouldn't they be able to tell without her getting them a card? The castle's tricks hadn't done much to help her opinion, but she figured if she could survive last month, she could take anything.

Then she woke up to the gaudiest room on the face of the earth.

You've got to be kidding me.

[She instantly recognized the Wellakhit architecture it was based off of. There were only so many places which looked like Tiffany's was let loose in a Gothic cathedral. The doors to the balcony (did she have a balcony before?) were cut out of yellow glass to look like pure crystal. On the floor, plush red and gold carpets were overlapped. The bed, wardrobe, and sofa all had canopies over them. A number of lanterns hung down from the ceiling, which was entirely coated in jewels. The effect it make on the lighting would be impressive, if it hadn't been mixed with the rest of the room's froufrou. She hoped to god those gems weren't real, or people might start sneaking into her room to try and steal them. No, they weren't allowed in; no one was allowed to see this-- this embarrassment! But when she hurries over to her door, she finds that not only is her protective wizardry no longer in place, but her door won't lock either.

She lets out a most frustrated sound before addressing the castle proper.

OK. This is no longer funny. In fact, this wasn't funny ever, and I am not interested! You can stop now.
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[There's no mistaking it - Meg is drunk. Not an easy feat for a demon by any normal stretch of the imagination, but dammit, she's devoted. The sound of her pouring another glass of whiskey is a sure sign shes not slowing down any time soon, either.]

Look-- [She starts, slurring every so often with the cold, detached air of someone well beyond intoxicated, an unmistakable edge of pain and anger hardly disguised under the exagerratedly enthusiastic speech, both into the journal and to anyone in the bar] Hey -- Paradisa. You're all kinda miserable, right? I mean, all I hear half the time is people bitching and moaning about this place and how awful it is and how to get out of here and blah blah blah... I usually like it just fine here but my God has this been a shitty week, ya feel me?

Anyway, if you're miserable too, come to the bar. Drinks on the house - on the Castle of course, my mistake - as much as it takes us all to froget whatever the hell is wrong with all of us. I'll call it the "Misery loves comapny" special and it goes 'til I say it's over.

[She pauses and takes a swig out of the bottle next to her before adding,]

And if you're not... stay the hell out.


Feb. 19th, 2014 09:17 pm
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 [If anyone happens to have the journals open right now, they might be able to overhear an argument between two identical voices.]

Dueling Doppelgangers!  Once again some devious desperado has divided us!

Dude, relax already.  Think of the-

Are you seriously wearing a bedsheet cape again?

Why of course my cowardly counterpart! 

But its a- 

You know what?  Fine.  Go play superhero.  I am so done with that gig!  From now on I am Danny Fenton, full time slacker and fun dude.

And I am out of here.

Clearly!  There will be no netting of nefarious ne'er-do-wells in this appalling apartment! I must go as well!

[ooc: They can be overheard or run into in the hallway.  Just let me know in the tag whether you want fun Danny, super Danny or both]

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[All written, a little too carefully; he's deliberated on this for a few days, after all.]

Stephanie )
Molotov )
Cassandra )
Friends )
Assassins (excluding Giovanni) )
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Well, how about that, looks like I've managed to make it an entire year here in Paradisa. Can't say my stay has been entirely pleasant, but what sort of life is always agreeable?

Though I am disappoint at the way it never takes any of our fine suggestions for wackiness. One of these days, though, someone will have to win the betting pool. Or the castle will fill our shoes with pudding, one.

Cheers and here's to all of us finally getting the hell out of here within the next year.


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