Feb. 20th, 2014

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[Technically, Valentine's Day had come and gone, but Rise wasn't about to risk her plans this month on whatever the castle was going to do to mess with them! So today, every last one of Rise's friends can expect a delivery to their room (or, in Sugar's case, on the vanity in Rise's room next to her 'bed'), whether she's known them for a long time or only just met them recently.

And it's not just her friends. Anyone who arrived in the castle in the past two months will get the same small gift box, too! Just in case, they're all clearly labeled "From: Rise Kujikawa", so no one mistakes them for yet another castle prank.

The contents of the boxes, and the handwritten notes that accompany them, differ from person to person as follows:]

New arrivals to the castle from Jan. 1st to Feb. 20th )

Alex Russo )

Conan Edogawa )

Sugar )

And everyone else...! (More names under the cut) )

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Feb. 20th, 2014 05:35 pm
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Hey...is anyone missing a cat? A really weird purple one with a curly tail? [There's a slightly offended 'meow' at that along with an exclamation of pain.] Ow, hey...sorry...

Anyway, I found her outside of the towers, like she was trying to get in, and I fed her because she looked hungry. She has a name-tag on her collar. It says 'Miss Maudie'?

[She hisses a little, sucking on her thumb]...somebody needs to trim your claws.
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I plan on re-opening the Paradisa Town Clinic some time next week, as it looks like my arm is finally well enough for me to work again.

For new arrivals, hello and welcome to Paradisa. I'm Dr. Keller, and I run a small medical clinic in town. [She draws a simple map to its location.] I'm always on the lookout for more help, so if any of you have any sort of medical experience- or are willing to learn the basics- I'd be more than happy to teach you.
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 [ It is early in the morning the day after Valentine's, a day of chocolate and love and other things that made one giddy. Or should.

Instead, those with open journals or in the stables might be treated to a piteous, horsey groan. ]

Oh no, you will see no pity from me. You very well deserve it, you know.

[ Another groan, and one can only imagine the sad eyes the animal in question must be throwing Vanyel. ]

No, no. You always call yourself a lady, but then you gorge yourself on sweet things and expect me to cast you sympathy? You always tell me to learn from my mistakes, don't you?

[ This time there is no groan, but a snort and a stamp of a hoof. Vanyel's own laughter rings out, perhaps a bit smug. ]

Oh do not be silly, you will not colic from this. Companions do not colic, you know that right enough.

[ A silence, then a grunt that twisted into another groan, followed by Vanyel's sigh. ]

It is just a stomach ache. Drink some water and you will be well after a bit, just like my cousins at the name day feasts. 

[ A very indignant snort was sent out at that particular comparison and received a new laugh from Vanyel. ]

Ah, see, there is my lady. 

[ Yes, Paradisa, Vanyel just carried on an entire conversation with his horse (Companion). That's not strange at all, right? ]


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