Feb. 22nd, 2014

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So, if anyone has wondered where the music's been, I apparently took an extra long nap courtesy of the castle and came just in time to see that it's sense of humor in terms of Valentine's Day hasn't changed yet. I'm not sure I would have minded letting me sleep that extra day, but on the other hand, I appreciate not having to do the Sleeping Beauty impression for much longer.

It sounds like I might not have been the only one that had something strange happen to them during lunar new year. Or was it just me?

Only here would it be a regular occurrence for people to act completely crazy. So much so that some of us just brush it off. You get a lot of experience in the art of apologizing, and just as much experience trusting that those apologies are real. Because you can't always know whether a person that tried to take a shot at you really meant to do that. The castle can make a convenient scapegoat. Blaming it for all your mistakes isn't possible...but it's sure easy to do when it turns out to be true so much of the time.

What I'm saying is, it's probably best to cut people slack around here, because next time the person acting like an idiot could be you.

[That's a not-so-subtle kind-of apology to the person he really did take a shot at a couple of weeks ago. But the rest of the message is true. The castle probably was to blame for Spike shooting Vicious a few months ago. He'd been angry regardless, and the castle had taken advantage of that.

After he's done speaking, he gets on with the musical selection for the evening, happy to let the music speak for him like he used to


Feb. 22nd, 2014 09:38 pm
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[Things have changed from the days when getting into bloody shootouts and being thrown out of windows were all part of a routine procedure for Spike. When they had the technology to treat severe injuries, and he could bounce back from broken bones in a matter of weeks or even days. Now he has to experience the whole damn thing. It's out of sheer stubbornness that he doesn't get impatient and put out an open call for a "magic" doctor to speed up the process of regaining use in his hand. (Whatever they're really called. As many times as he's had to use them before, he should probably know that.) Too bad the only ones he could trust aren't around anymore.

For a while he had daydreamed about jumping off of the castle; which isn't the most original idea, and yet never seems to happen. Something always holds him back. The spectacle of it all, maybe. Spike is generally a private person, and the last thing he wants is to have his name blasted over the journal after he made a mess on the castle steps. Still, in two weeks he could be as good as new. If he were less experienced with the whole process, it would have been an easy sell.

Instead, here he is, slumped in a chair in the clinic lobby. Bored out of his mind.]

Hey. [He hasn't opened the journal once in weeks, and he doesn't bother to look back at what he missed when he dictates to a blank page. The only reason he has it open now is to put off walking up to that counter and have them berate him for leaving in the first place. Small steps.] What's the next holiday? I need to start marking this shit down.

[LATER --]

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