Feb. 23rd, 2014

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[ Dictated in her handwriting; ]

Residents of Cair Paradisa,

I bring you both hopeful tidings and the most sad news. I have seen the matter as far as I must, but there is no helping it. The Master Once-ler has departed this cursed realm, and for where he goes to requires our most devoted and kind prayers. Just as he understands that his world must be so bettered, he strove to strengthen the love and warmth of this one. For any who have not seen the grand orphanage he tirelessly worked over to place before the first snow fell, I bid you to think of him whenever you look after it on your way to the market; whenever you see children well and good and looked after in a building that seems a realm of it's own. It carries his character with it forever-more, and in such a small way he will never truly leave us.

But though I continue to seek the betterment of the peoples both within and without the castle, and I do promise you I will not allow May Day to go uncelebrated, I still cannot condone the curses we must suffer in trade of supposed gifts and enticement. I will be leading a progress when the ground has thawed and the world beyond beckons those who would brave new possibilities. For some, there is no returning, and it is those who ought to think the most on such a matter. Shall you live here forever, or shall you discover another kingdom entirely to settle? Then there are those who merely need to wander, who have felt trapped for too long but do not wish to stray overlong — you are also most welcome.

Do not worry overmuch for your decisions now, as there is time yet, but to those who can offer protection and guidance, I urge you to not dally in your response. Such charges require planning.

Anne the Queen


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