Feb. 26th, 2014

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[Someone is up early today, though like the rest of the castle, claiming alertness would be a bit of a stretch. Still, he's managed a walk through town to confirm a suspicion]

Something is off.

[It might be stating the obvious, but if no one else is going to bring it up, he will.]

Gren )
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[There is the definite sound of someone yawning over the journal, as well as pages flipping, apparently from some other book]

I seem to need more tea...

[And then the soft tap of a pen]

I can't be the only one who's noticed the whole town seems to be asleep. I know we live in a fairytale castle, but this really seems to be a bit much. Has anyone come across anything like it before?
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[ Anybody wandering the corridors of floor two will see a very peculiar sight ... the normally calm and collective Mr Silva staggering down the corridor occassionally falling to his knees as if he's being pushed by invisible attackers.

Recently he'd spent most of his time in his room mulling over recent events back home and here in Paradisa. Nobody was actively trieing to kill him for once so it was probably a safer time as any to stay in his room. Today though he has fallen victim to the sleeping plague ... he'd closed his eyes for no more then a minute but that was all it took.

Now he thinks he's back at Qinghe prison in Beijing in 1997 and on his way for more questioning.]

You ... can tell General Zhang he's wasting his time ... I will never betray my country. Never.

[There's a cry of pain as an unseen baton gets whacked against his kidneys.]
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[ Its amazing that he had even fallen asleep, if anyone thinks about it. Sion seems to have issues with that, often bright and cheerful at the middle of the night.

So the journal collects the sound of someone slumping against a chair - He was going to try all those eating and sleeping like a normal person things. Then -


[ Singsonged, sighed, that's most of what Sion has to say as he stumbles about. A name, by the way he's shuffling about the halls. He asks questions randomly too - mostly if some other people have seen Ryner. And occasionally, dreamily, he adds. ]

Need to save you...~

(ooc: Sion is, for once, asleep! At the moment, he's more or less harmless. Pretending to be Ryner will make him violent. His world sucks-)


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