Feb. 27th, 2014

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[Rare is the day when Firethroat feels tired for the entire length of it. Feeling lethargic multiple days on end though is downright suspicious.

In fact, it is suspicious enough for Firethroat to finally open that strange journal she has been given. The book is somewhat of a challenge, given the general lack of books in dragon society, but Firethroat is nothing if not smart. Soon enough she is flipping through the pages with her large claws with relative ease. After reading a few entries, she makes a thoughtful noise in her throat and mutters to herself. The journal easily picks up her words though.

I see... So I am not alone in suffering this strange drowsiness. Yet this does not explain the cause.
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Connor )

[She wants to write, but her hands are too unsteady. Once, twice, she tries to hold a pen without even the tiniest of trembles, but she can't. Two weeks. That's all. Two weeks. She's been through this before a number of times. Two weeks. Instead of getting easier, it gets harder, and now she can't even control her hands.

That leaves her voice, but that too shakes.]

Cassandra Cain is dead.

Whatever is--[Her voice cracks, and there's an audible breath as she takes a moment to calm herself.]

Whatever is going on is serious and dangerous. Be alert. If anyone is acting off, stay away. For your own safety. There's at least one guy toting a shotgun and some crude shivs [so much disgust] on the loose.
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 Right, so.

I guess I have a funny question.  But I'm totally serious, promise.

Has anyone seen a guy ranting about the power of dreams and sleepwalker minions and stuff wandering around?  He has horns on his head and kind of looks likes hes made out of stars.

[And with his post to the journals finished, Danny heads out of his room. He was already getting major deja vu from this whole thing. People falling asleep and not waking up?  If it wasn't for the fact that he couldn't see any kind of helmet on anyone, Danny would have sworn that Nocturne must have found a way to get here.

But if this was similar, then there was something he could try.  If they couldn't wake people up by shaking them or anything, maybe he sould try doing it his way.  

Danny starts looking for someone to test his idea on.]

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And haven't you seen how dull and dreary the castle seems of late? The white walls seem almost grey and the marble floors have lost their shine. Even the chandeliers seem made of grimy glass. Perhaps that drowsy spell has even the mighty castle in its grasp. What a thought!

But today the sleepers have risen, all of them feeling an indelible call to shuffle and stumble toward the Insolitus. There is something most precious to them hiding behind that named door, and they would do all they can to protect it. Their eyes may be closed shut, their movements hindered by sleep, but they are keenly aware of anyone seeking to harm their most beloved treasure.

Voices of many sleepers, all of them monotonous, speak in unison:

“ You should have let sleeping dogs lie. ”

LINKS: OUTSIDE THE DOOR | TALK TO THE ENEMY | FIGHT THE ENEMY (Keep this to one thread!) | Start your own as you please!
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[Aaron has been very tired for the last few days and that has caused his mood to crash. He wears a frown on his face and the silliest things make him annoyed. Today it's shaving which riles him up. He had tried to trim his beard, something which he usually did without trouble. Ever since his first failed attempt at shaving he has got better. But today he cuts himself twice. He's drowsy and unfocused but the pain pushes him over the edge.]

Cut for bad language )

[There there's a loud noise as he flings the razor and shaving cream down into the sink. He then kicks the pipes under the sink. He breathes heavily after his fit and rest against the sides of the sink. Nearby lies his journal which obviously picked it all up without him noticing.]

Can't cope with this...
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Gentile Signore/Signora,

I suppose all of the strange entries I have read and the unusual wanderings of some of the other ‘guests’ are one of these bizarre occurrences I was warned this living castle produces.

Before it seemed like those who were sleepwalking were doing so without direction but now... I am not familiar enough with the layout of this castle to know where they are heading but they all seem to be moving in the same direction. Has anyone followed them to see where they are going? I mean to.
Distinti saluti,


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