Mar. 1st, 2014

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Curse this blasted drowsiness...I have seen writings by others that I am not the only one who suffers, trying to stave off sleep. These sleepwalkers too...

[Dots appear on the page - Thorin is tapping his pen, unable to coordinate his thoughts. He's simply too tired.]

My friends...I ask you, has anyone discovered a way to keep awake? Some manner of drink or spell? I have consumed this thing in the kitchens called 'coffee' - a foreign drink to me, but I am told it keeps one awake - yet I still struggle so...
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[The Sleeping Plague is both irritating and wonderful for Pitch-- irritating because the drowsiness is affecting him and he feels uncharacteristically weary, but wonderful because... hey. Extra-easy access to nightmares. A++.

As happens with so many people, Pitch's journal happens to be open to document his arrival, though he's not doing anything particularly exciting. There's the sound of quiet footsteps pacing a room, and the low murmuring sound of a man talking to himself. As he approaches the journal, he becomes audible.]

There is fear here, and so much uncertainty. I can taste it. And yet...

[He trails off. He can feel the fear in general, but can't pick up anything on an individual level-- which is strange. And he doesn't like it.

Pitch can also be found all over the castle's public areas, and so can his dark, swirling shadows; weird tiredness aside, he can travel through darkness, which makes exploring a lot easier. If he finds a sleeper, he'll follow them, and if he finds a person that's awake... well, he'll probably follow them, too. He's used to barely anyone being able to see him, and he has no reason to believe that that's going to be any different here.]

[OOC: Info on what sorts of characters will be able to see/sense him off-journal!]


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